Class Policy and FAQ

Classes at the Pack Theater meet once a week for eight weeks.

The Pack Theater reserves the right to accept or deny any student or performer at any time for any reason.

The Pack Theater reserves the right to postpone, reschedule or cancel any class that does not reach the minimum number of students or if any conflict arises.

Our instructors are professional actors, writers, etc. Please be aware that the teacher you sign up to take class with may change before or during the term.

There are no refunds. All sales are final. If you cannot attend the class you registered for, we can roll your tuition to be used during another session as long as you contact the Theater 24 hours prior to the class beginning. If you reach out after that, we cannot roll your tuition.


If I have previous experience, can I advance to a Level other than 1?

YES for Improv NO for Sketch. Our Level 1 Improv class is meant to be an intro to improv class. If you have taken a comparable class else where you can skip it and start at Level 2.

The Core Sketch Program is only two levels. So skipping a level would mean skipping half the program!

Can I take a term off?

Yes. You may take a term or more off as needed and have up to one year to return and advance to the next level in the program. If it has been over a year since your last class, you must return to Level 1 and repeat the entirety of the program. Graduates are excluded and may retake any level at any time.

Can I miss a class and still advance to the next level?

All students are required to miss no more than two classes per each eight week term. Make-up classes are offered but do not cancel out an absence. If a student misses more than two classes, they are required to repeat the full level.

Why do we receive student ID’s if shows are free?

Each student will receive a student ID that you are to present to the front of house to be stamped when you attend APPROVED House Team shows. Each student is required to see a minimum of two House Teams during their 8 week term.

Will I be guaranteed to perform on the Pack stage?

Yes! Weekly student shows are open to all current students and take place every Monday at 7:00pm on the Pack Theater stage. A current Pack performer will be present at all shows and will give notes after the performance.

Additionally, Level 6 of the Improv Program is a performance level and has weekly shows on Wednesdays. Level 4 of the Sketch Program also ends with a performance. None of these are official Pack shows and should not be listed on resumes.