Developed by the teachers of The Pack Digital Program, this unique program is designed to teach filmmaking, writing and performing skills to inspire and create the funniest and highest quality digital content. Students will learn how to create videos that draw and hold attention, and how to apply, expand and leverage their talents in creative ways to appeal to producers of digital, alternative, and branded content as well as feature films and television.

Each of its three levels includes eight weeks of classes, and all levels include group/team writing and production of video content. As the Digital Program is a natural complement to the Pack Sketch Program, successful completion of Sketch 2 is a prerequisite to enroll in Digital 1.


Instructor: Michael Garcia

This is not a writing class. While we are able to accommodate a student at any level of experience, having some sketch writing training is recommended as we will not be covering sketch writing structure. Sketch II at The Pack Theater is strongly recommended.

This course focuses on learning the fundamentals of visual storytelling and the essentials of production. Students will learn: how to review and give notes on scripts, assign production roles and create call sheets, basic camerawork and cinematography, editing, and establishing themes and visual style; dealing with production challenges, identifying what works both onscreen and off, enhancing the comedy, and making bold choices shooting / editing / producing. Students will produce pieces that focus on genre parody and branded content, with the latter including how to work with clients and adjust storytelling for low or big budgets.

8 weeks, $310
Thu 7-10 in room 208 Starting January 11th



Instructor: Brian James O’Connell

You must have completed DIGITAL I  to enroll.

The focus of this level is on bringing together digital teams, establishing an overall vision, and setting reasonable and achievable long and short-term production goals. Students will learn: how to manage multiple irons in the fire simultaneously, how to produce quality material quickly and on deadline, and how to assemble a portfolio and answer the ubiquitous “What else you got?” question; creating writing and production schedules and assigning roles and duties (executive producer, line producer, production manager, 1st AD, etc.); troubleshooting, workflow structure, and division of labor; assembling assets including equipment, props, locations, and how to cast talent; and how to pitch, workshop, select, schedule and sell a wide range of productions.

8 weeks, $310
Thu 7-10 in The West Starting January 18th