Short Formula

May 17, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
The Pack Theater
6470 Santa Monica Blvd.
Short Formula @ The Pack Theater

Greetings, Pack Theater performers!

It has now been 75 years since undisputed comedic genius and master thespian, Huell Farr, disappeared after taking a corporate improv training gig for a group of government scientists. These scientists turned Zip Zap Zop into a little thing called The Manhattan Project. Ever heard of it?

Now he’s back, covered in radiation poisoning and dismayed to see Los Angeles’ comedy community is the real wasteland. Short form, the purest and most noble form of improv, has been set aside for vulgar and self-satisfying echoes of their predecessor. He won’t stand for it.

Farr is issuing the following challenge to the pathetic Punch and Judy performers of Pack Theater: offer up your very best from the far reaches of your students and house teams to demonstrate that any of you can even *do* short form properly, if at all.

This will be a two night tournament. The first night, May 17th, will determine semi-finalists. Four teams will go on to the semi-finals the next night, May 18th. The winners from these matches will go head to head directly after. The victor will take home Short Formula’s cup, the Glowing Erlenmeyer, as well as a cash prize of $50 and the right to say they are the only true artists at Pack Theater.

Eight teams of four will be admitted to Short Formula and must comprise:

– 1 person from a Rude Monday House Team (Fussy, Finesse, Snack City, Mama Bird, Belligerent)
– 1 person from a Long Hard Tuesday House Team (ASAP, Rat Throat, yay!) or Big Yellow Taxi
– 1 person from a House Sketch Team
– 1 person currently enrolled in either the improv or sketch program

Assemble your team and name yourself after a genius artist, philosopher or scientist from history (and no, you cannot butter up Farr by using his name). An example that doesn’t suck is “The Killer Kahlos” or “Curie’s Furie.” You get it. Submit your team for consideration via electronic mail to “”

Please format your submission this way:

Subject Line: [Team Name] for Short Formula

Body of message:

-Individual names and your respective places in the community
-A short team synopsis
-A single sentence explaining why short form improvisation is superior to all other forms of comedy

Submit your teams no later than Friday, May 11th or know deep down inside you are a coward and you’ll die a coward. It’s up to you!

Huell Farr
Comedy Genius