The Dick & The Dame

April 4, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Pack Theater
6470 Santa Monica Blvd.
The Dick & The Dame @ The Pack Theater

“I knew she was trouble when she walked into the door. She smelled like lilacs and betrayal.”

The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir is an award-winning two-person show that brings the gritty underbelly of 1940’s Los Angeles to life. John Conroy and Stacy Rumaker take audience suggestions, including the name of a made-up film noir, and improvise a spider web of corruption, deceit, greed, sex and laughs, set during the dark and dangerous days of Tinseltown’s most iconic period. The duo plays numerous noir characters (sometimes even the same character) including femmes fatales, hardened detectives, innocent ingénues, hapless bell boys, and powerful kingpins. The show is a playful comedic valentine to a beloved genre, full of atmosphere and witty banter.