Is there street parking?


  • There is ample free street parking near the theater on Cole, Cahuenga, and Santa Monica. Santa Monica Boulevard is a tow zone from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday. Keep this in mind when you’re running late to class.


How do I perform at a Pack Theater show?


  • To submit your team, email: Rude Mondays, Long Hard Tuesdays, This Show Is A Fucking Nightmare, or Wednesday Night Indie Hour.


How do I become part of a house team?


  • House teams are generally formed out of classes.


What is the Pack Theater?


  • The Pack Theater is the theater that grew out of a workshop, The Miles Stroth Workshop or MSW, that Miles Stroth started in 2007. The Pack Theater is a theater, producing shows weekly, and a sketch and improv training center. If you want to know us, take a class or come to one of our sketch or improv shows.


In one sentence, what is improv?


  • For the newcomer: Improv is the art of creating a theatrical piece on the spot with no script, generally based only on a single suggestion from the audience. For the player: Improv is the exploration of everything through your perspective.