Alex Bower

Alex Bower is a writer/performer from Phoenix, Arizona. He has been performing improv comedy for over a decade and has taught it for over five years as a member of Orange County’s ImprovCity. There, he helped develop and coach their ImprovCity High and ImprovCity After School theater programs. Additionally, he created their first independent show, Thursday Nightmare. He’s also a graduate of The Second City Hollywood’s Conservatory Program. He went on to be a member of SCH’s first musical house team (Track One), as well as to write, direct, and/or perform in several sketch shows there (Millennial Falcon, Teacher’s Lounge, SCARYPANTS, and HIStory/HERstory). He’s currently a writer/performer on The Pack’s house sketch team, Bedlam. Aside from that, he’s a PhD student at the University of California, Irvine, where he studies the cognitive science of problem solving, learning, and humor.

You can find Alex on Instagram and Twitter at @mr_alex_bower or you can email him at