Chase Hinton

Chase Hinton is an award-winning actor and writer with skills in editing and producing. A former fellow at the Writers Boot Camp and the scribe of multiple feature films, Chase prides himself in attention to detail and fresh perspectives. Aside from his vast work in narrative storytelling, Chase is honored to have been part of many important PSAs, accounting for millions of views online and multiple awards, including special commendations from both a Governor and the President.

As an improvisor Chase, is a graduate of and mainstage performer at iO West. A founding member of the ground-breaking improv team Yay!, Chase has become famous for his physicality and use of the entire theater. He takes pride in doing things onstage that no one has ever done before. You can catch Chase and the rest of yay! at the Pack Theater every Tuesday at 8pm, or check out a sampling of his work at