Connor Hurley

Born in San Francisco, CA on 02/28/1995 at around 6:17 in the morning, Connor seems Nice, Cute and FUN! Former Co-Producer of “Chopping Block Comedy” (2016-2018) and 2-Person sketch group “Four Cute Boys” (2016-2018). Connor has also been a Writer’s Assistant at (Comedy Central) and the Teaching Assistant to “Sam Brown’s Level 2 Class” (2017-2019). Connor has written multiple videos featured on “” (the Culture News Place!) and was named one of “The LA Comedy Bureau’s: The 100 Best Things in Comedy We Were Witness to in No Particular Order of 2017”. He has been a proud performer on “TPT’s Sketch Night” since 2016 AND he loves emails! So email him at [email protected]




Facebook: Connor Hurley