Crystal Franceschini

Raised in NJ, Crystal spent any time she wasn’t pretending to be The Little Mermaid writing funny stories. Her teen years were dedicated to singing the RENT soundtrack and forcing her friends to read her screenplays, which were all Kevin Smith rip-offs.

After high school Crystal got one job doing Shakespeare and another as an improviser as the live action component in an interactive cartoon video game (whhaaatt??). She quickly moved to NYC where she spent five years with The Rising Sun Performance Company. They inexplicably let her coach an improv troupe, earning her a spot on a team that performed at the Del Close Marathon. Later Crystal got cast in a three-person version of Cinderella, which toured the Northeast and Midwest of the United States.

As an adult Crystal has wrestled a baby elephant in Thailand, caught a poisonous toad in Costa Rica, been bitten by a monkey in Indonesia, and come face-to-face with a Barracuda in Honduras (international animals don’t seem particularly compelled by her vegetarianism). Now in LA, Crystal has studied improv at schools like UCB and performs live with several improv teams such as the Harry Potter-themed “The Show That Shall Not Be Named” and musical team “The Live Sessions.” She writes and performs with online sketch teams “Nightpantz” and “Frands Forever.” She’s also writtten the independent comic book “Omimeh” and several comedy screenplays. She’s in the midst of creating a TV pilot. Her writing manager is Maher Jafari of Scenario Entertainment.