Dan Kerrigan

Dan Kerrigan is elated to write and perform at The Pack Theater, something he’s done since 2016. Dan is thankful to be an idiot with house team Very Famous and Dan also told me to tell you that he co-produces and performs in Cutscene, a video game-inspired sketch show, which means Dan will some day shave to play Mega Man at some point and he’s really jazzed about that. Dan also performs in Book Report, as well as the very cool and new The Nicky Urban Show. Dan has also appeared at Second City performing with Hollywood Night Live, and he kinda misses iO and playing improv with NO MAN, and hopes the dude trapped in the iO West Loft is ok. Dan can also be heard on the forthcoming Made Up Baseball Podcast (MUBP) as creator, writer, and play-by-play announcer. Dan has a truck and can help you out, just in case you are about to move into a new apartment, just feed him and he will be your friend forever. Dan put up his comedy reel on YouTube, is on Twitter @DaneKerrigane, Instagram as DanKerriganSeriously, and can be checked out in depth at www.dankerrigan.com, or see the general shenanigans of his daily life on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dankerriganseriously. Also, here are his Casting Frontier and LA Casting links, just in case you are looking for a guy like Dan for a film of commercial. When Dan is not busy doing what he does at The Pack Theater and elsewhere, he rides a giant tricycle for a living because he’s basically six years old, but don’t tell Dan I said that.

Dan Kerrigan 617.571.5452