Dane Bowling

With a sharp eye and sharper wit, filmmaker-director-writer (and everything else) Dane Bowling exposes audiences to his love for the grotesque with joyful abandon.

Praised for his quick turnaround time and an inimitable aesthetic, he is a one man production team operating under the credence: “Make it fast, cheap, good” and accepts nothing less. With a vision and style that is equal parts Gen X nihilism and Midwestern charm, fans of his work are an exclusive few that pride themselves on being exclusive because they’re always ahead of the curve.

His style of guerrilla film making inspires young filmmakers to pick up the tools available to them and go forth to create by leading by example. Having been quoted as saying “Use your phones if you have to, everyone is walking around farting on a film studio in their pocket” he makes the art of movie magic accessible to all.

With a taste for kitsch, his vision adds a polish and a kinetic energy to create a style that is uniquely his. His masterful grasp of technique allows him to subvert all the rules of film making, making him an iconoclast to watch.

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