Eileen Mary O’Connell

Eileen is a writer, performer and podcaster living in Los Angeles. Originally from Chicago, she got her start in comedy as a member of the Second City Teen Ensemble in 2002. She moved to LA to attend Loyola Marymount University and by the time graduation rolled around, she was too in love with the city (re: The weather) to ever leave. Plus it was the height of the frozen yogurt boom. I mean, come on.

She’s a proud member of the inimitable Pew Pew Pachoo (a former Pack house team). Outside of the Pack, her team Murder Murder co-hosts the monthly show/cocktail party, “A Lovely Night of Murder!” at the Clubhouse. She’s also a writer, performer, and segment producer for Top Story! Weekly at iO West. Offstage, Eileen co-hosts Skeeter-ial: A Muppet Babies investigation with her pal Matt Manser. She’s also an avid joke writer on Twitter and you should follow her (please). Yay!