Jen Saunderson

Jen Saunderson brings to the stage an imaginatively whimsical and sometimes dark style of humor…she’s basically a human mogwai.

Saunderson is the creator and host of the IFC web series, “The Filling is Mutual,” along with her best friend and co-host Jenny Zigrino. The two create unique dishes based on their favorite comedian’s jokes. The Jens also host a podcast “The Filling is Mutual,” focused on their love for comedy and food.

Saunderson has toured internationally performing in Reykjavik, Edinburgh, London, Prague & Tokyo. She’s originally from Seattle, where she was named Seattle’s Best Comedian by Seattle Weekly.

She was a judge’s favorite on Season 6 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, which took her to Vegas. She can been seen on Comedy Central’s new show Badass Bitches of History and every season of FOX’s Laughs.

Saunderson was featured in the movie Kuso (2017) that premiered at Sundance and was directed by The Flying Lotus.

She is survived by her husband, two cats and dog named Gandalf… who may or may not be a wizard.