Kelly Vrooman

Kelly Vrooman is a writer/performer for the house sketch team, Tiny Muscles, at the Pack Theatre where also she hosts the Lady Invitational: Diary Show!  Kelly’s two-gal improv duo, Laurelly, holds the current record for the most improv Cage Match wins at iOWest!  Kelly has been the face of multiple national commercials and is all over YouTube and Facebook as a comedian for Equals Three Studios. Kelly is also a series regular on The Chica Show (Sprout / NBC Kids), in which she plays a human working in a costume shop run by chicken puppets. As a public speaker, Kelly has addressed dozens of colleges and high schools across the U.S. and her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post and Women’s  More of Kelly’s video sketch can be seen on her website: Management: Revealed Talent. Commercial: Coast to Coast