Kevin Lee

There was a time when Kevin Lee was really, really sad. But it was a good thing! Because it changed him from someone who just imagines their life to someone who actually lives it.

Took Kevin a while to get there though. As he was figuring it out, he graduated college and worked as a Copywriter; it was cool but creatively unfulfilling.

So Kevin started taking improv at UCB. He loved the collaboration and performance aspect of it but…it just wasn’t for him. What he really wanted was something where he could take all the crazy, ridiculous stuff in his head and bring it to life with a group of equally crazy, ridiculous people.

Kevin stopped improv to pursue other interests: dance, photography, and most recently, DJing. Then he found out about sketch classes at the Pack. Through the Pack, he found his tribe and a way to truly express himself.

2020 is going to be hella dope and Kevin can’t wait to LIVE IT UP with his new team, Peach!