Paulina Laurant

Paulina is an actress, comedian and writer originally from Portland Oregon. So therefore, she was born a hipster. It was already running through her veins before Californians thought it was cool. She started pursuing a career in comedy after realizing she could make people laugh and when people told her she was too loud and needed to shut up for once. Paulina went to Portland State University to pursue a BA in Business because her parents forced her, but then she realized how stupid college was and how much money she was wasting. So she decided she’d rather do what she loved and invest her money on that instead. When Paulina isn’t acting in independent projects and commercials around Los Angeles, she can be seen performing weekly with her all female improv house team Belligerent, and every first Saturday of the month with her sketch team, The Color Collective. Paulina is currently represented by Mavrick Artists Agency and managed by The Robb Company.