Rachel Resnik

Rachel Resnik is a native New Yorker who learned how to drive  for the sole purpose of moving to Los Angeles. Only learning how to make left turn lanes upon getting here,  she has almost caused countless car accidents.  (Sorry). Rachel has trained extensively in clown and physical theatre with teachers such as Philippe Gaulier and Paola Coletto. She runs her own production company, (Grown Ass Woman,)  and is the creator of several theatre projects that tour around the world.  Of her work, one newspaper in Australia wrote, “ever been to a wedding where the bridesmaid is so drunk she makes the kind of cringeworthy speech that makes your blood curdle? That’s Rachel Resnik, only there’s wit and gender commentary below the clever veil of champagne.”-The Advertiser.  Another newspaper called her  a “feisty, funny character sketch comedian, falling into the audience’s funny bones from the start,”-(Chuck Moore Reviews). Of her driving, her friends have said, “You guys, seriously don’t get in her f***ing car!”
Rachel  was awarded the Julie Goell Scholarship for Eccentric Women in 2018 by The Celebration Barn Theatre, and can be found performing sketch comedy with Dynamo at the Pack Theatre on the fourth Wednesday of every month! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8389652/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7vMFaAUfa0