Sam Horwitz

Sam Horwitz started his career off as a male model. When he was seven, he was on the cover of Boy Scout Weekly. Soon after that, he went to Broadway where he landed the role of Gavroche in the hit musical Les Misérables. Unfortunately his career came crashing to an end one night after he tore is ACL in a Pas de Bourree accident.

Needing a break from it all, Sam moved back to his chateau in Aspen Colorado where he finished schooling, hung out with celebrities, and took up professional snowboarding. Unfortunately his snowboarding career came to an end after he tore his ACL going off a 50 foot kicker trying to impress Jennifer Parker.

Soooo after his Broadway career ended and his snowboarding career ended, Sam decided to play it safe and just try plain old acting. He knew it was the right choice, because after he was voted Prom King by his entire high school, he knew he was very popular. You see, only popular kids get voted Prom King, and Hollywood is just like high school.

But unfortunately Sam’s acting career didn’t last long. He tore his ACL again on the set of an anti smoking weed Truth Campaign. It happened while filming his during his signature line “You want a hit?” All he did was passing the fake joint to the dorky kid and then POP! Out came his ACL.

But good news! You can now see him perform regularly at The Pack Theater and around Los Angeles. Curious how this male model, turned Broadway star, then turned actor comedian has turned out? Come to the Pack the first Wednesday of every month to see Sam perform with his sketch team Turncoat! He may not dance like he used to, but boy can he play a good seven year old on stage.