Sam Horwitz

Sam Horwitz is an LA based writer and performer.  Originally from Aspen Colorado Sam got his start performing in high school speech and debate, eventually becoming state champion.  After high school Sam came out to Los Angeles and started appearing in commercials and television.  He is most recognizable for his role as “Kid with Joint” in the 2005 Truth campaign.  Probably the greatest role he’s ever played.  Now almost 50 plus pounds and 15 years later, Sam is performing live comedy all around Los Angeles.  He’s known for his larger than life characters and unpredictable story telling.  He can also be seen trolling people on TikTok with his Flat Earth character @sshorwtiz.  For live performance you can now see him every third Wednesday with the sketch team Rabble Rabble and every second Friday of the month with his character show “What A Character”.

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