Sydney Burgess

Sydney Burgess is a transfeminine, bipolar, idiot that began their writing career with venture bros fan-fiction on tumblr. After that, nothing could stop them from writing completely unshootable crap for budgets infinitely higher than what they had. They majored in Film at Top 10 film school in the country, Eastern Washington University, made a series of bad films, wrote a decent feature called “It’s Fine” and graduated in 2017. The participated in Spokane’s 50 hour film festival, winning the prize of “completed film.” “Wafarers”, was also a top ten finisher and was screened at the Bing Crosby Theater, as well as making it into Spokane’s local film festival, SPIFF. They then moved to Southern California where they studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and sketch comedy at The Pack Theater. They’re also in the background of a scene on “meth mountain” in the show “Mayans.” They’re now a writer on the Sketch comedy team, Night Coffee, which performs every third Wednesday at 9pm at The Pack Theater. Sydney is, appropriately, @SydneySweetass on Instagram.