Valerie Vasilas

Valerie migrated to Los Angeles from Phoenix, seeking like-minded liberals, improv and good vegan food. She originally found her way into improv because she thought she invented it. Upon accepting that she, in fact, did not invent improv, Valerie went on to take classes at iO West and The Pack Theater.
Valerie is a director, producer, actor, improvisor, sketch writer, voice-over artist, day-dreamer and mover and shaker, not in any particular order. She has taught improv workshops all over the country. She also heads up a volunteer teaching group at the Good Shepherd Shelter, where teaching artists teach improv and storytelling to kids residing at the shelter.

Valerie enjoys eating kale, the potato (in all of its forms) and burritos.

You can follow Valerie (and her cat, Oliver Cladwell Twist) on all social media channels @ThisIsValerieV. You can see her performing sketch comedy with her group Moonshot, on the first Sunday of every month at 8 PM at The Pack.