Acting For Sketch – Sept/Oct 2019


Instructor: Joe Wagner

8 weeks: $320

Acting For Sketch Sundays 11-2pm Pack Theater September 8th
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An acting class for all experience levels–dedicated and tailored to the most common, established, and specific dynamics involved in the style of stage-performance required to bring any COMEDIC SKETCH “to life.” Various techniques and methods, often found in the basics of dramatic acting, will be demonstrated as the same building blocks for best SERVING the demands of a sketch–with whatever its particular type, tone, and premise ultimately guiding the “choices” made by its cast. From stage-picture and blocking to “entrances and exits” to vocal delivery, “classic” timing, and intensity of characterization–there will be an emphasis on each student embracing their natural comic strengths while also developing the tools to SUBVERT the expectation of how that particular sketch actor is PERCEIVED on stage. Whether you’re the lead… or a supporting player… this class will push performers to identify their purpose and execute it in the most effective manner to make the sketch the funniest it can be.

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Sept/Oct 2019 Session

Act For Sketch-Sun 11-2pm, PT, Starting Sept 8th