Become A Self-Tape Badass – ONLINE Jan/Feb 2021


Instructor: Lauran September

6 weeks: $210

Self-Tape Badass Mondays 7-10pm ZOOM March 1st
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The days of acting in a room with a casting director are gone – maybe temporarily, but probably not. So let’s get those self-tapes in shape!

This course will help you discover tips and tricks in order to create dynamic self-tape auditions.

Each week students will receive an audition notice just like you would from an agent and a deadline to turn in a self-tape by. The sides will be from a wide spectrum of types of roles – under 5’s, guest star, co-star, series reg – and from shows on TV. Additionally, in class you will workshop an additional scene that you will also self-tape. Which, yes, is 2 self-tapes each week! By the end of the course, students will have completed and received feedback on a total of 10 self-tapes.

Working alongside an industry professional will ensure your self-tapes will be up to the professional standards of our ever-changing industry.

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Jan/Feb 2021 (Online)

Self-Tape-Mon 7-10pm, ZOOM, Starts Mar 1st