IMPROV III – IN-PERSON! Sept/Oct 2023!


Instructor: John Conroy

8 weeks      $330     

Sundays 12-3pm Second Stage Oct st
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LEVEL 3 – Empathy and Emotional Honesty

No prerequisites at this time!

“The difference between a good scene and a great scene is making the audience give a shit.”

Being funny, witty, or quick is not enough to make you a great improviser. It’s increasingly crucial for the performer to have self-awareness; an understanding and respect for how different life experiences impact what we consider funny. Holding the audience requires us to punch up instead of down, speak truth to power, and allow ourselves to be emotionally vulnerable to earn the laughs we get.

Melding bold improv structure with classical acting and theatre exercises, John will help you develop the tools – and grow in confidence – so that you can become an active listener, better connect with yourself, your partners, and the audience, and experience the power of empathetic viewpoints in your scenes.

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Sept/Oct 2023

Improv 3-Sun 12-3pm, TBD, Starts Oct 1st