Improv Show Class

Instructor: Rich Sohn

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Tuesdays 7-10pm West Room N/A

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Let’s take what you’ve learned and get on stage! In this class you’ll gain the tools and confidence you need to improvise from a strong point of view while being a great scene partner. And you’ll be performing on stage every week starting in week 1. Over the course of the 8 weeks we’ll look at the building blocks of every great improv show: scene work, editing, build and connection. We’ll create an original show that leverages the strengths and interests of the group. We’ll also look at how to pitch, push and promote that show. While the class will end in 8 weeks, perhaps by the end we’ll have created a show that lives on.

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Nov/Dec 2019 Session

Improv Show Class-Tues 7-11pm, WEST, Starts Nov 5th