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Power Selling 101

Welcome to the resplendent world of Power Selling 101, the San Antonio Learning Annex’s award-winning E-Bay selling seminar taught by the erudite Michael DeWitt and his rapscallion teacher’s assistant Tom Parrot.

In this seminar, three valiant workshop students reach for their deluded dreams as they present their astonishing artifacts, horrific heirlooms, & vivacious valuables to Michael & Tom for their expert appraisal. Who are these students? What infernal items have they to share? Find out live at the next Power Selling 101 seminar–airing on channel 59 in San Antonio and on PackTV everywhere else!

Crushin It with Velvet

Once a month, crooner Velvet Duke invites his musical improviser friends to come play games.

Don’t Mess

Brought together by The World of Improv, this is a team you Don’t Mess with! Don’t Mess is an international all women team of fabulous improvisers who improvised a long form one act. Cast members include: Karla Dingle, Brenna Judkins, Sarah Davis, Llaura Hughes, Monica Gaga, Simone Ellul,  Fiona K.T. Howat, and M.J. Kang.

A special 4-week run at the Pack Theater starting March 20!

Disaster Time

Help the Story Master write the plot of a new story every month in this interactive improv show with an international cast.

Too Cute Brothers

Two brothers talk topics that are too cute every Tuesday. Never more than 30 minutes. We promise! Hosted by Redd Jefferson and Jason Redlitz.

Killer Kimchi’s Secrets

Killer Kimchi is a majority Asian American long form narrative improv troupe with members from Los Angeles, Austin, and New York. We’ve performed at The Hideout Theater (Austin), The Nursery Theater (London, UK), Highwire Theater (Baltimore) and many other virtual improv homes and festivals. We’re excited to be performing at The Pack Theater! Our members include: Christine Chang, Nick Desai, Karen Forman, Joey Rich, Jennifer Chan, Brian Sniegowski, Marcos Sandoval, Virginia Gabby, and M.J. Kang.

The Discomfort Zone

You got embarrassing stories? You wanna win prizes for sharing them? Good news! You’re the ideal contestant on THE DISCOMFORT ZONE: a game show where the more uncomfortable you are, the more points you get! Call in to be a contestant and win fabulous prizes hand-picked by host Jay Light (Comedy Central, HBO). Just dial 818-8-REGRET to compete!


The talented cast of NUISANCE improvise a half-hour comedy show based on your childhood memories of being bad and making trouble.


Pack House Team Vicious is a smart, high-energy love factory who churn your suggestions into weird and wild worlds of mad, absurdist reality.


Vicious is:

Allison Smith

Charlotte Brown

Nick Mitchell

Lance Nealy

Paul Henke

Pierce Purselley

John Faga

Christopher Corbin

Eli Magers

Monster PROV

Monster Prov is the a fun Improv Jam where everyone who signs up becomes a monster!

Each monster has multiple heads and those heads speak in unison or one word at a time!

Everyone gets to play and the best monster by audience vote wins $40! Work on group mind! Possible win $40!

Only at the Pack Theater on the 3rd Monday of every month  at 9PM!

Pack Pitch

Every week we bring you a new PACK PITCH – where we give YOU the opportunity to put your show up on our stage.


Setflix comes to the Pack Theater! Setflix is a  stand-up competition, where each comic has to come up with a 5 minute movie pitch based on a ridiculous YouTube video!

The best comedians pitch the worst movies!

Produced by Jack Herrguth (Comedy Central/ Jash/ Nerdist), Eve Esquire (WeirDoe Playhouse) and Gil Baron (Comic Relief)

The Wizarding World: A Magical Talk Show

Step into THE WIZARDING WORLD, Earth’s only magical late night talk show produced BY wizards, FOR mortals! Hosted by the sorcerous Amoenus Franco, he brings you magical guests from all around this realm (& some from beyond). Every month, we’ve got all-new wizards, music, celebrity goss, & only SOME magical danger!

Nonmagical mortals are enthusiastically encouraged to attend. We’ve been recommended as awesome by Thrillist, LAist, & Take Two on KPCC!

The Heartbreak Karaoke & Improv Show

We all deal with heartbreak in different ways. Angela McLafferty deals with it through song and comedy. Since she can’t “keep bringing the energy down” in karaoke bars all over town, she’s turning all her favorite songs into an improv show and making her heartbroken  friends improvise and sing with her. So join the healing before the new year starts and more shit happens. Because it doesn’t stop. It never stops.

Obsessed With Janie Stolar


In this salute to the most pertinent pop culture events of the week, comedian Janie Stolar brings on LA’s finest comedians and performers to celebrate everything from “The Bachelorette” to “Vanderpump” and everything in between. If you’re a fan of pop culture, the unscripted televisual arts, and renditions of the National Anthem gone awry, this show is for you. Plus, you never know which former reality show contestant might show up to stir up some drama (or be interviewed in a respectful manner, hopefully leading to an insightful conversation about their experience on unscripted TV).

Flight 69420

There is no show bigger than Flight 69420 and it will never happen again. Everyones coming together and if you aren’t there you will never know what you missed. It’s the FOMO show of the year and its happening whether you go or not. Be part of the experience. Be part of Flight 69420


LADY*LIKE is a monthly variety and sketch show featuring ALL women of color, giving you those “2 Dope Queens” meets “Key & Peele” vibes.
Basically, it’s two dope female hosts, who bring out 3-4 killer guest variety acts (stand-up/story-telling/music/improv/etc.) and in between, our fierce team of diverse, funny females perform some “wokeAF” sketch comedy. #YQY


Buckshot is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 2nd Wed. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night. They also really like to be called Gutpunch.

Buckshot is:
Danielle Agnello
Dan Duddy
Greg Goodness
Kelly Hernandez
Cory Jacob
Amanda Romeo
Jen Saunderson
Andrew Yanker
Chelsea Christian
Diana Jannuzzi
Ernest Sandoval
Zach Wilson


Friendo is a Pack Theater sketch ensemble that puts fun first. If you’re looking to smile like it’s Saturday morning, grab a bowl of cereal (or one of Friendo’s signature Fruity Pebbles krispie treats!) and a seat to laugh at silly characters, physical fun, and song and dance. Friendo performs every second Sunday of the month at 8pm.

Friendo is:

Brian Biancardi
Marcelina Chavira
Tyler Cintra do Prado
Mike Faerber
Kelsey Goldberg
Rena Hundert
Sumner LeVeque
Andrea Listenberger
Jared Lomeli
Mike Rose
Ernest Sandoval
Hannah Shidler
Lyndale Starks


Lick is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 1st Wed. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night. They also really like to be called Grande.

Lick is:
Adam Allgood
Mitchel Baldwin
Jupiter Baudot
Chrissy Bruzek
Roger Carnow
Nate Fisher
Sydney McDonald
Alison Meagher-Manson
Annie Paradis
Estevan Galvez
Aaron Kozak
Matt Newcomb
Margot Newcomer

Pillow Monster

Pillow Monster is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 3rd Sun. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night. They also really like to be called Custody.

Pillow Monster is:
David Ayala
Cristal Bubblin
Maggie Clancy
Elisa Ellis
Sam Horwitz
Royce Johnson
Courtney Kimball
Joey Pleasants
Amanda Bare
Robert Clarke-Chan
Travis Harrington
Erin Highland

Rat Queen

Rat Queen is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 4th Wed. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night. They also really like to be called Mr. Canada.

Rat Queen is:
Katherine Cowell
Catherine Durickas
Michael Gabriel
Jason Kaye
Stephen Loh
Evan Watkins
Grady James Welch
Michael Gutierrez
Jasper Sams


Goldbaby is a Pack house sketch team that can be seen the 1st Wed. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night. They also really liked to be called Stooge.

Goldbaby is:
Jed Alcantara
Lauren Burwell
Emily Champlin
Nick Coluzzi
Brian Fitzgerald
Eli Magers
Kelsey Risher
Billy Ritter
Kyna Wise
Rebecca Hoobler
Tatiana Krokar
Matt Park
Jim Rowley


Moonshot is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 1st Sun. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night.
They also really like to be called Squash.

Moonshot is:
Jonathan Farach
Fernando Funes
Victor Lopez
Harris Markson
Shalimar Malimban
Alli Ramirez
Giuseppe Restreppo
Baldev Sandhu
Renata Shaykhedinova
Valerie Vasilas
Mike Hughes
Sara Clarke-Chan
Kristen Tojo


Gutter is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 3rd Wed. of every mont at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night.
They also like to be called Very Rich.

Gutter is:
Mike Christian
Aly Dixon
Will Dwyer
Alejandro Garcia
Kara King
Lauren Knutti
Allyson Phillips
Nick Pupo
Elizabeth Schantz
Andy Kay
Jesse Kubanet
Travis Alvarez
Adam Rost


Thunderdog is a Sunday night sketch team at The Pack Theater. They also like to be called The New Teamers. You can see them the 4th Sunday of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night!

Thunderdog is:
Mike Abbate
Gretchen Burnton
Katie Dahlson
Becca Greenberg
Vinnie Lacey
Caitlin Linden
Andrew Mena
Derek Scully
Andrew Ramirez
Sarah Cho
Andrew Lee
Melissa Panganiban
Matt Ware

Mama Bird

Mama Bird is a house team with The Pack Theater. They’ve been performing together since late 2017.

Mama Bird is:
Justin Boisvert
David Rabinowitz
Darrin Bird
Karen Krantz
Jules Forde
Emily Farris
Hannah Sesser

The Seniors: Improv with Improvisers over 50

They have been doing improv longer than most improvisers have been alive.

And they will be doing it Bi-Monthly oat The Pack Theatre 9:30pm on Fridays! Special guests from L.A., Nationally and Internationally with hosts Landry and Summers!

This Week on Daytime Tonight

The Daytime Talk Show with Late Night Guests™

Think Dick Cavett hosting the Morton Downey Jr. Show.

Wow, that’s not a very contemporary reference is it?

Our host Tyler Reynolds identifies as a Senior Citizen and on every show he’ll dive into Millennial topics that are rendering society to rubble and ash.

Previous topics include: Let’s Talk Shit About Shit Talking, Yeah RIGHT I’m Totally Addicted to Sarcasm, and Smart Drugs: Are they dumb?

Very Famous

Very Famous is a sketch comedy team that performs every 4th Sunday at The Pack. Directed by Sam Brown (Whitest Kids U Know) and Niv Brook (Turncoat)

Sad Mama

Sad Mama is three gentlemen cut from the Chicago improv cloth with film and TV credits that include Blackish, Drunk History, Bajillion Dollar Properties, and Killing Reagan. The show promises to be as strange as those credits listed next to each other.

The Townies

Townies performs a fully improvised play based on an audience suggestion of a fictional town, city, or place Tuesday nights at 8pm.

The Bacchus

The Bacchus ritual takes place the third Saturday of every month at 11pm.

Your TPT Family Dinner Tonight

Join us for The Pack’s Premiere Topical Panel Show where the panelists AND the audience get FED UP!

In these troubled times, families everywhere gather around the table to eat and talk it out. And the Pack is no different.

It’s Your TPT Family Dinner Tonight!

Survivor Jam

Based on the long running game show Survivor and a short lived game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, we mixed those ideas with an improv jam.

The goal is to be the last one standing on stage.

People want stage time?

Well they have to Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay their fellow actors.

The Varootisonfire Extravaganza

This is a monthly stand-up show hosted by the Gaysian Queen of Comedy, Varut Chee. The show will feature the most fabulous comedians in Los Angeles. There will be glitz, glamour, and gayness. There’s also going to be lot of Beyonce and twerking! #varootisonfire


Performers from Pack House Sketch teams try their hand at the art of improvisational comedy. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, world!

Will it be beautiful? Will it be awkward? Will it be a train wreck? Who knows!!!

Guaranteed: It will be funny!

The Re-Imagining

From the twisted minds of Joseph Hanna and William Barbera, comes Jellystone.

We got together and wrote a gritty reimagining of the story of our favorite pic-a-nic basket stealing bear. Delve into the dark forests of Jellystone, where nothing will ever be the same again.


Drumpfprov (formally known as Trumprov but changed for accuracy and because another team thought of Trumprov first) stars Christopher Corbinas Trump.

We have learned that the president has a great need to de-stress in order to keep his finger off the nuclear button. Improv is the answer. After seeing one episode of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ Donald Trump knew he could do better. So he’s put together his own improv team, and instructed us all to “be much funnier than that fake Collin Mockery”.


Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill. is a stand up + music powerhouse, fueled with good vibes, good energy, and intelligent discourse* *lol’s, lmao’s, rofl’s and that Kirby ascii text (>’-‘)> <(‘-‘<) ^(‘ – ‘)^ <(‘-‘<) (>’-‘)>

With your hosts: Phillip Binder & Jamie Loftus

WPCK: Pack Theater Radio

WPCK: Pack Theater Radio is a live “drive-time” radio program for insomniacs, overnight passengers and graveyard shift drones. A multi-media stream of consciousness assembly of a thousand tiny ideas that all weave in and out of each other and into the shadows, WPCK is what it would be like if Genesis P. Orridge had his own podcast network. WPCK is a living, breathing broadcast signal intrusion.

Hosted by lead DJ @b3oc, WPCK is housed in an isolated dilapidated radio station, somewhere just outside of New Los Angeles (a multi-verse that looks like our world but…not.) WPCK is the last telecommunication of the day right after the normal world signs off and the nocturnal world begins to move in the shadows; a pirate radio station of the Underdark.

Executive Producer/Creator: Brian James O’Connell

Director: John Conroy

Technical Director: Gerard Dean Peters


From the tiny fishing village of Nagoya, Japan, Jetzo performs their trademark Kabuki-inspired improv form “The Kiera-sawa.”

The Hardcore Shortform Show

A band of unfortunate sea merchants find themselves washed upon the shores of a hidden island fortress deep in the Pacific. The only way off is to survive in a tournament of pain, endurance and absolute gimmicky. Brace yourself, as The Pack Theater proudly presents… The Hardcore Shortform Show! Hosted by Dr. Erik Wargo & AustinTron 5000, it’s equal parts Fear Factor and Whose Line Is It Anyway! Hot sauce! Mouse traps! Tasers! Nothing is off limits!

The Color Collective

The Color Collective is a variety show that showcases people of color filled with musical acts, stand-up, sketch comedy and more! Every month, we give our unique take on the world around us and entertain like no one else can. The Color Collective: “The color doesn’t matter, just the comedy”

Jakked Wrestling Comedy

A pro wrestling variety show built from the ashes of YSLW Pro. Each month the commissioner and ultimate smark Jason Wayne Christian (Angie Tribeca, You’re The Worst, Speedface) hosts a spectacular hybrid of pro wrestling matches, sketch comedy, character bits and video packages. Regular performers include our top notch commentary team (including Joey Clift & Nick Gligor) our ring announcer (Cameron Rice) our referee (Robert Chan) and of course pro wrestlers from PWG, XPW, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Lucha Underground, NXT, Freakshow Wrestling and more. Come for this wonderful staged mash up that promises gut busting humor and just plain gutbusters.

Pack Demolition Derby

The 2nd Tues Of Every Month – We Bring You An Improv Form You Have Legit NEVER Seen Before.
3 improv pieces back-to-back-to-back with no stopping and featuring a full show recap after every each completed piece
85-100 scenes MINIMUM – You’re Welcome.

This American Lie

This American Lie is a fully improvised Public Radio show based on that other show with a very similar name. The host and producers improvise story segments based around a common theme that emerges from a conversation with an audience member.

The Ointment

Have something you think should get checked out?… Well, so do we!!!

Hosted by Michael Chap Resnick, Ted Asbaghi, and Andrew Fernandez, The Ointment is a brand new variety show, featuring sketches, character bits, storytellers, and musicians, all based off of the previous week!!


It’s so topical you’ll be itching for more!!!

Book Report

A monthly sketch show that takes a different childhood book and eviscerates it using comedy inspired by the story. High energy, absurd, and usually a little dark, you’ll love every moment of this weird and wild show.

Open submissions after each chosen book is announced – send to [email protected].

Progress: Now!

An Improvised Keynote!
You’ve seen those Apple Keynotes where they release the new iPhone and make a big deal out of it. Well, improv team Brigadoon will be improvising one of them into a long form with a narrative. Take out those black turtle necks and get real Silicon Valley with us in this improvised Keynote extravaganza!

1,000 Years Of Cinema

Finally, a sketch show celebrating humankind’s only noteworthy achievement: the motion-picture! The first Saturday of every month follow your host, Roman Goublié, on a retrospective journey through the literal centuries of movie moments that inspire us to this day. Popcorn and beverages provided at every show! Sit back, relax, and soak in that sweet sweet cinema!

Written and Performed by: Rachel Crowe, Magi Calcagne, Brian Fitzgerald, Lyndsey Kempf, David Kane, and Eli Lutsky.

Story Mixtape

Story Mixtape is a live storytelling show that brings together life’s two most awesome pastimes: telling stories and creating mixtapes. Each show is unique as the audience gets to program the playlist by deciding whose story each performer tells.

You Make The Playlist.

We Tell The Stories.

Garbage Town

Welcome to the City Limits of Sketch Comedy.

Garbage Town is a non-stop sketch comedy experience where everything is connected. There’s never a lull in this small-town monthly show where everything is canon. Characters, call-backs and connections wind in and out of this unrelenting sketch comedy show, every first Sunday at 8pm at The Pack Theater.

Written and Performed by: Amy Albert Cobb, Dave Ciaccio, Robert Chan, Michael Glazer, Jolene Kim, Katie Malia, Michael McAlister, Rob O’Connor, Stacy Rumaker, Keith Saltojanes, Charlie Stockman, John Wyatt, Max Zarou

The Waiting Room



Julie Brister, Bayne Gibby, Jaime Moyer, Celeste Pechous, Dana Powell, Lauren Pritchard, and Zabeth Russell.

These are some of the top improvisers and teachers around LA. They are the actor “character” ladies that always see each other in audition waiting rooms.

Come share your audition nightmare story as these “same category” gals turn your audition nightmare into improv healing.

We hope you book it!

What A Character!?!

“What A Character?!?” Show features some of the best comedic actors in LA that do characters. This show will be all characters or impressions that will blow your mind and will also feature video of characters. In fact, please follow for new character videos from the “What A Character?!?” Team EVERY day!

Cory Jacob
Kelly Vrooman
Anthony Owliaie
Jessica Amal
Greg Goodness
Robbie Goodwin
DK Reinemer
Katie Strandberg
Coached by: Jeff Sloniker.

Page One

Eight different teams.
Eight different sketches.
Same first page.
PAGE ONE is a monthly sketch show in which teams are given the same first page of a sketch to finish writing & perform for a special guest judge.
Hosted by improv duo Wolfhammer (Alex Walters & Jason)
Produced by Sarah Bellardini & Bryan Musil

The Sound Of Musical

The Sound of Musical “Where Improv Meets Broadway!” is a fully improvised musical, never before seen, never to be seen again.  Based only on a suggestion from the audience, legendary musical director Michael Pollock will lead these ragtag young guns through a mesmerizing, tantalizing, one-of-a-kind show.
The playbills are alive… with THE SOUND OF MUSICAL!
Starring: Conor Hanney, Schuyler Jeffres, Brianna McClellan, Brendan McKay, Callie Ott, Rama Vallury, & Rob Zaleski, with Michael Pollock on the keys

Scene Kids’ Punk House Party


On the 4th Thursday of every month, Scene Kids’ parents go out of town and we throw a sick-as-fuck midnight punk house party! We book awesome bands, gnar sketch groups, and way more! Oh, and we do rad improv sets with special guests! GET STOKED ON IT!

Want to play our punk house party sometime? Sign up here, sk8erz:

Scene Kids:

• Julia Bartlett – guitar, somber-ness
• Cozi Orlen – poetry, hair obsessive
• Peter Stoia – bass, yells at crowd
• Nicole Villela – drums, FACE PUNCH
• Charlie Mohl – 8-bit synths, hysterics
• Nicole WIlliams – percussion, music encyclopedia

Casting Call


Does this look familiar…?

“Warm, fit, girl-next-door. In this scene Lisa and her friends are barricaded in their cabin by what at first seems to be a deadly force, although it turns out to only be mosquitoes. In the heat of the moment, they come up with a plan to retrieve bug spray left in the car before the mosquitoes finish them off. This plan includes Lisa distracting the mosquitoes with a brief, goofy choreography routine she learned in color guard.”

Welcome to Hollywood, where that project actually existed.

From your submissions we pick some of the most absurd but real casting calls and have our cast improvise their auditions before a panel of illustrious casting agents. Who will be cast? Six actors square off to book the part, but only one will be victorious.

The Great Tape Stand-Up Showcase


Have you ever wondered how stand-up comedians get featured on late night television and comedy festivals around the world?

Well wonder no more.

Stand-up comedians must have what is referred to as “great tape.” And that’s what we’re going to get them, along with giving the audience a GREAT show.

So come out and see this live taping of up-and coming Los Angeles comedians showcasing their best 6-minute sets for submission to late night television as well as national and international comedy festivals.

Then when you see these comics on Conan, you can say that you saw them first!


Nightchurch is a house sketch team at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles. New shows every third Sunday.

Nightchurch is:
TIffany Aleman
Richie Aaron
Dane Bowling
Lani Claxton
Grant Cohen
Ryan Cohen
Daniel Emmons
Erica Fortes
Fernando Funes
Curt Gavin
Ethan Stanislawski

Spoiler Alert

Tired of Hollywood movies? Movie tickets are too expensive these days! But you still wanna know what happens in them, huh? Well, problem solved. Come to “Spoiler Alert!” where Hollywood insiders (Eric Acosta, Sam Brown, Alex Kavutskiy, Wade Randolph) get access to a leaked script and, with the help of a talented cast, will perform the entire latest blockbuster for you!

Sketch That Tune

Voted Nevada’s number one variety show (source pending), Sketch That Tune brings all the best music-inspired sketches and bits to the Pack Theater stage.

Hosted by the swinginest, grooviest hepcats in town–Andrew Fernandez and Mike Rose!!!

SET LIST at The Pack

Improvised-Standup performed by the world’s best comedians! (and YOU! if you sign up by 10:30!)
Produced by Jason Van Glass & Rob Schultz

Go Sketch Yourself

For nearly 10 years, Go Sketch Yourself has brought new acts from hundreds of folks to the late night stage. ANYONE can submit to this beloved Los Angeles sketch and character open mic by emailing [email protected] (we take videos too).

GSY is FREE. It’s a community-cultivated show in which writers and performers can try stuff out, meet new people and hone their material while having fun. Bring old Tik Toks, cold reads, character bits! We want to see it! GSY is you!

Every Wednesday night @ 10:30pm

Produced by Huntie Altman, Alan Johnson & Dash Nye

IG: @gosketchyourself

Film Club

Film Club is a monthly film screening and Q&A hosted by Bryan Musil and Andrew Fernandez with special guests that are somehow related to the movie shown. Past guests include Matt Walsh (Martin & Orloff), Henry Phillips (Punching The Clown), Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight), Dian Bachar (Cannibal! The Musical), Charlie Talbert (Angus), Brian James O’Connell (Blood Sucking Bastards) and more! Third Tuesdays at 11pm!

Drunkards & Dragons

Drunkards and Dragons improv comedy, Los ANgeles

Drunkards & Dragons is the longest running fantasy improv show in LA.


Every Drunkards & Dragons show is completely unique and inspired by the audience’s suggestion of a medieval place. Shows pull on all classical fantasy tropes, including those from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Labyrinth, The Never-ending Story and of course the classic RPGs.

Drunkards currently performs every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 8PM.

The Dick & The Dame

The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir is an award-winning two-person show that brings the gritty underbelly of 1940’s Los Angeles to life. John Conroy and Stacy Rumaker take audience suggestions, including the name of a made-up film noir, and improvise a spider web of corruption, deceit, greed, sex and laughs, set during the dark and dangerous days of Tinseltown’s most iconic period. The duo plays numerous noir characters (sometimes even the same character) including femmes fatales, hardened detectives, innocent ingénues, hapless bell boys, and powerful kingpins. The show is a playful comedic valentine to a beloved genre, full of atmosphere and witty banter.

Chopping Block Comedy

Elyssa Phillips, Elizabeth Hayhurst, and Drew Hobbs bring you “Chopping Block Comedy”, where they bring in their favorite famous comedy writers to guest-host a show where they put on their rejected sketches, tell their story (why they never saw the light of day, juicy fun behind-the-scene tidbits, etc), and then watch them performed (or be in them!).

Past guests include Dana Gould, Heather Anne Campbell, Darlene Hunt, Dan Gregor & Doug Mand, Dan Curry, Haley Mancini, and many, many more.

Come for the comedy.
Stay for the Q&A.


Camp Night

MELISSA? (Christina Lopez, Marianne Smith, Valerie Vasilas) host CAMP NIGHT!, the Los Angeles show arm of the non-profit organization, Camp Improv Utopia, the premiere improv training camp in the world. Camp Night! brings CIU players from around the country to perform at The Pack. Camp Improv Utopia is dedicated to connecting the improv community around the globe (they started the Founded by Pack Theater JTS Brown workshop teacher, Nick Armstrong and featuring Pack Theater Core Improv Teacher Brian James O’Connell as Camp Outreach Director, Camp Improv Utopia is proud to bring Camp Night! To The Pack.

Big Yellow Taxi

Big Yellow Taxi is the longest running show at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles and features a powerhouse cast of veteran improvisers and Special Guest Drivers each week. Taking the suggestion of a city anywhere in the world, the troupe creates an entire universe of memorable characters inspired by taxi cab “confessions.” Big Yellow Taxi’s unique form was created at the Pack and their shows focus on smart, clever comedy with dark undertones, social commentary, pop culture, emotional poignancy, and bold characters, all within well-balanced sets of fast-paced play and longer scenes that explore deeper themes. The result is a hilarious journey for audiences with unexpected turns and a collision of witty storytelling, theatricality, and schadenfreude.

Super Fantastic Character Showdown

It’s Mano y Monologue combat as Jeff Sloniker (The Midnight Show, Key & Peele, Parks & Rec, Silicon Valley) hosts a competition of the funniest characters being performed at The Pack Theater and beyond. 10 solo characters enter, one performer leaves as Champion and returns next month to defend their championship using their winning character or a brand-new one.

Super Smash Sketch Bros.

See what happens when performers from each of TPT’s Sketch Teams cross franchises and universes to create two brand-new, never-seen-before sketch comedy Super Teams. Those two teams battle it out with two-20 minute shows to see which Super Team wins.


STAR SEARCH meets THE GONG SHOW in this hilarious talent show featuring TPT performers judged by Emily Candini and a panel of celebrity guests. Each month we pit FIVE contestants against each other competing for celebrity judges praise and approval. Only ONE contestant will be deemed the champion and asked to return the following month to defend their Star Fucking title.

Executive Producer: Emily Candini. Co-produced/hosted by Becca Scott Kerns & DK Reinemer.

Your TPT Late Night Show Tonight

It’s a late-night talk show with a twist. Every show has a different host, guests, performers, and writing staff selected from the TPT Community. It’s a new late-night training ground tradition.

Produced by Ben Kuerschner (The Tonight Show) & Gil Baron.

His Mighty Power Hour

John Wyatt is the Rev. Prinn Sandalwood Klondike in HIS MIGHTY POWER HOUR, a televangelist type church service variety show, complete with an organist, a lovely overdone televangelist wife and several religious themed acts.

Born out of the unholy marriage of his training in The Idiot Workshop & The Pack Theater, the good “Reverend” will accept open submissions to preach the “Gospel”.

Shaky Alibi

Sarah Bellardini presents a murder mystery character sketch show!

Each show starts with a detective in an interrogation room recounting a crime to the audience. They bring out suspects one at a time for questioning, and each gives their alibi in the form of a character sketch.


Miles Stroth & Dan Bakkedahl (Daily Show, Veep, Life In Pieces) did the first modern long form two-person show back in Chicago when they premiered ZUMPF! ZUMPF! has been gone for too long, quiet, brooding…The Pack has awaked this sleeping giant. Prepare yourselves for the return of ZUMPF!

The Six Pack

The premiere linchpin show of The Pack Theater. Miles and the Core Teaching Staff of the Improv & Sketch Program come together with their Special Guests & Celebrity friends to deliver a one-of-a kind, never to be seen again comedy extravaganza. So intense they don’t even know what to call it yet!

Heather Presents …

Pack Theater

Once a month, Heather Anne Campbell (Party Over Here?, Key & Peele, The Midnight Show, FOX ADHD, Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show, Heather & Miles) presents a trip into the darkest regions of her heart.

The Lady Invitational

The Lady Invitational brings the best and brightest of veteran and up-and-coming female improvisers from around Los Angeles together for one night to perform improv comedy with no restrictions.

Co-Producers/Hosts: Cheyenne Grogan, Nalini Sharma, Kelly Vrooman

Exec: Producer: Brian James O’Connell

Beef Party

It’s a raw slab of three-man improv with sometimes special guests. Jeff Sloniker, Curtis Rainsberry (The Midnight Show) and Mike Mitchell (The Birthday Boys) are BEEF PARTY.


I.Q. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION is a live trivia comedy game show where four comics face off for no stakes & terrible prizes! Plus YOU get to play! Hosted by Dave Ciaccio and Maximilian Zarou, with Mad Scientist Jesse Klein

Loosey Goosey

Every week, TPT’s home to the variety show “Loosey Goosey” hosted by Sam Brown (Whitest Kids U Know), Josh Fadem (Better Caul Saul, 30 Rock) and Eric Moneypenny (The Midnight Show, FOX ADHD), featuring the best stand-ups, sketch groups, weird stuff, and whatever they want.

The Happening

THE HAPPENING: From the insane minds that brought you the World Record Breaking 7 DAY SHOW comes THE HAPPENING. Every show is a never-before-attempted concept with a rotating cast of improvisers. You’ve never seen anything like this before, and you’ll never see anything like it again. Hosted by Rob O’Connor & Keith Saltojanes


Each month, Jonathan Grant hosts a sketch comedy show with a rotating cast of writers & performers from the TPT Community. Producers: Jonathan Grant & Fae Niyu.


The evil Dr. Timefuck has a Time Prisoner. His name is Speedface. Thus, on the 1st Sunday of every month, Dr. Timefuck presents acts who each have 100 seconds to entertain Speedface with comedy, action, live stunts, and chaos. When anything goes in the name of entertainment, what will they do with their 100 seconds? Created/curated by Eric Moneypenny (The Midnight Show / FOX ADHD / The Eric Andre Show), produced by Eric Moneypenny & Cameron Rice. Hosted by Dr. Timefuck (Nick Gligor) & Speedface (John Paliferro).

Heather & Miles

LA Weekly calls Heather & Miles, “Awesome. Intellectually nimble, character driven…beautiful chaos.” Eric Idle (Monty Python) says they’re “The next Nichols and May.” On the 4th Sunday of every month at TPT, Heather & Miles are performing their signature, multiple-character, fast and inspiring long-form improv set! Performed by Heather Anne Campbell (SNL, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Party Over Here, @midnight, Adult Swim) & Miles Stroth (The Family & founder of The Pack Theater).


Thornblade is a bunch of buddies being dumb and having fun. No form, no math, just madness. Come join us!

Daughters of Triton

Hit the beach and go nuts and enjoy the salty sketch comedy of Daughters of Triton

Brandon Chang, Zach Crowley, John Holmes, CK Kimball, Karen Krantz, John Lin, Tim Noonan, Tyler Riggers, Mike Rose, Nalini Sharma, Tessa Vonderhaar

Every month, the Daughters are joined by a special Guest Daughter. Directed by Eric Moneypenny

Tiny Muscles

Month after month the house is packed at the Tiny Muscles show. Why? Because the audience is promised something good, and this house team delivers. Comprised of 4 girls and 4 guys, this team wows the audience with their clever, absurd, high energy performance. From lights up to lights down, these guys know how to give you a bloody, sweaty often cake covered good time. And they will, because it’s a goddamn comedy show and Tiny Muscles loves YOU!