Becky Sanders

Becky Sanders is a Los Angeles based musician, writer, and comedian. Her unique style of soulful, open hearted singing coupled with irreverent and playful improv has been cultivated over years of learning and performing at Second City, iO West, UCB, ComedySportz, and of course her home, The Pack Theater where you can watch her musical improv group The Sound of Musical perform every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 8pm. Friends have described her as “sensationally quippy”, “clever… committed… subtly loony”. She describes herself as the original bad girl of musical comedy… only don’t tell her cat, she’s trying to be a good role model. Any way you look at it, she’s a real class act. And speaking of class… Take her Musical Improv class at The Pack Theater or follow her on instagram @beckyrocks and let’s just see where this new friendship goes.