Stephanie Streisand

Stephanie Streisand is a writer/performer. She recently wrote and created the 2018 TV series “Matty Paz is a Noob” for Dreamwroks and released on Amazon. She has written digital videos for CH2, AwesomenessTV, UCBcomedy, and Comedy Central, and has been a creative consultant on various TV projects for TBS, 6 Point Harness, Mondo and Dreamworks. She’s also written for the CBS Diversity Showcase and created the Off-Broadway musical comedy “The Future Tony Awardz.”

Stephanie started studying comedy at the age of 15. She was a writer/performer on the Pack team “Royale,” a writer/performer on the Magnet teams “Fat Kids” and “Jacktown,” and was a writer on the UCB Maude team “Glendale.”