Wendy Natividad : Inclusivity Board

Wendy Natividad (she/her) – Inclusivity Board

Wendy is a newbie motorcyclist, lowkey Trekkie, and former homecoming queen. Southern California born and raised, she currently resides in The LBC with her potted succulents and her geriatric tuxedo cat, Sydney. As a bi Filipino American woman serving on the Inclusivity Board, Wendy brings her intersecting identities with the intention of amplifying the diverse voices that form The Pack. She’s excited to collaborate with the Board toward empowering creators from historically marginalized communities and affirming that their art is necessary. In addition to studying with The Pack Theater, her recombinant educational DNA consists of Community Improv, Rogue Improv, the ColdTowne Conservatory, and the World’s Greatest Improv School. Plus a piece of paper from Cal State Fullerton that she keeps in a frame from Ikea. Follow @nativi_rad on Instagram and Twitter to find out wherever she’s off gallivanting to next.