1,000 Years Of Cinema

Finally, a sketch show celebrating humankind’s only noteworthy achievement: the motion-picture! The first Saturday of every month follow your host, Roman Goublié, on a retrospective journey through the literal centuries of movie moments that inspire us to this day. Popcorn and beverages provided at every show! Sit back, relax, and soak in that sweet sweet cinema!

Written and Performed by: Rachel Crowe, Magi Calcagne, Brian Fitzgerald, Lyndsey Kempf, David Kane, and Eli Lutsky.

Brian Fitzgerald

Brian Fitzgerald is a Writer and Director from Oregon. He studied film in Boston where he found his way into sketch comedy by being the only person in his friend group who could operate a camera. Today very little has changed as he continues creating stage and video shorts for the sketch teams Goldbaby, and 1,000 Years of Cinema. His work has been screened at Sketch Fest Seattle, NFFTY, as well as a number of local shows.