Drunkards & Dragons

Drunkards and Dragons improv comedy, Los ANgeles

Drunkards & Dragons is the longest running fantasy improv show in LA.


Every Drunkards & Dragons show is completely unique and inspired by the audience’s suggestion of a medieval place. Shows pull on all classical fantasy tropes, including those from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Labyrinth, The Never-ending Story and of course the classic RPGs.

Drunkards currently performs every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 8PM.

Jodi Dennithorne (Skeris)

Originally from Grafton, Wisconsin Jodi Dennithorne (Skeris) is an actor, writer, and producer in Los Angeles. She’s appeared on Nickelodeon’s AwesomenessTV as well as several web series including Fully Formed Adults and A-holes Anonymous and also award winning indie films Amnesia, Finding Hope, and Booze, Boys, and Brownies.

Jodi currently resides in LA and has been a proud member of Big Yellow Taxi since 2014! She also created/produces/directs UCB-LA Sunset’s #DeafTalent & ASL Comedy, the only show in Los Angeles that features deaf comedians in a mainstream theater. Jodi enjoys sunny days and pools (which is why she LOVES LA) and lives with her 2 cats, dog, and fiancé.

Russ Gooberman

Russ is a native of Brooklyn, NY. As an improviser, Russ (an IO West graduate) is a part of Pack House Team yay!, Drunkards & Dragons, The Show that Shall Not Be Named (Harry Potter Improv) and cagematch champs The Incompetent Asians. As an actor, he appears in Galantis’s viral music video, Peanut Butter Jelly, is a recurring character on the webseries Stalking Levar, in the short films of twodollafish, and in a number of Buzzfeed sketches. He also is co-host of The Mep Report, an improvised debate podcast running since 2005.

Holly McKee-Clark

Holly is famous in such entertainment metropoles as Omicron Persei 8, The Mos Eisley Cantina and Io (one of the moons of Jupiter, not the comedy theatre). You may not have heard of her. Her comedy mantra is “nothing is sacred;” she is not to be viewed by children. Ever. Her loftiest goal is to one day “Amy Schumer” herself, so please look forward to one day being inside her.

Gian Molina

Gian is an actor, musician, and improvisor born and raised in
Los Angeles, Ca. Joined Ultimate Improv while still in high school and
has been teaching and performing for over 10 years. At IO West Gian performed with house team BANDIT and helped create Nerd Comedy Night to life with Drunkards and Dragons and Doctor Who Live!
Mainstage. Gian also co-founded many shows at the Nerdist Showroom, The Hollywood Improv and UCB. His team Imaginary Friends were apart of the 5 original Indie teams that co-created The LA Indie Improv Festival. Some TV credits include G4’s Attack of the Show, Weeds, Reno 911, Community, and Funny or Die Presents. Gian is proud to be a part of the Los Angeles Improv community and The Pack Theater.

Collin Turner

Collin Turner is an actor, improvisor and writer living in Los Angeles.
You may have seen him on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, Conan, or in several different commercials.
Collin has been improvising for 15 years, and has been trained at IO West, and UCB.
You can currently catch Collin playing with The Sound & The Furry, an all improvised puppet musical, and every other Thursday at The Pack with Drunkards & Dragons, the fantasy based adventure show! Come and Huzzah with us!