Garbage Town

Welcome to the City Limits of Sketch Comedy.

Garbage Town is a non-stop sketch comedy experience where everything is connected. There’s never a lull in this small-town monthly show where everything is canon. Characters, call-backs and connections wind in and out of this unrelenting sketch comedy show, every first Sunday at 8pm at The Pack Theater.

Written and Performed by: Amy Albert Cobb, Dave Ciaccio, Robert Chan, Michael Glazer, Jolene Kim, Katie Malia, Michael McAlister, Rob O’Connor, Stacy Rumaker, Keith Saltojanes, Charlie Stockman, John Wyatt, Max Zarou

Dave Ciaccio

Dave Ciaccio has written for The Science Channel comedy show The Quick and The Curious, as well as the science news pilot Eye On Science, and the sketch team Horace. He is a host of The Science Jerks podcast, the web series Let’s Get High and Make Breakfast, the documentary series pilot Old Timers at Bob’s Big Boy and the live trivia comedy show IQ, which runs monthly at the Pack Theater. He also has like a hundred or more comedy videos of dubious merit that can be seen at His hobbies include cooking, gardening, hiking and existential panic.