Jakked Wrestling Comedy

A pro wrestling variety show built from the ashes of YSLW Pro. Each month the commissioner and ultimate smark Jason Wayne Christian (Angie Tribeca, You’re The Worst, Speedface) hosts a spectacular hybrid of pro wrestling matches, sketch comedy, character bits and video packages. Regular performers include our top notch commentary team (including Joey Clift & Nick Gligor) our ring announcer (Cameron Rice) our referee (Robert Chan) and of course pro wrestlers from PWG, XPW, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Lucha Underground, NXT, Freakshow Wrestling and more. Come for this wonderful staged mash up that promises gut busting humor and just plain gutbusters.

Jason Wayne Christian

Jason Wayne Christian aka Hamburgers the Clown @hamburgersclown is a college educated fat person who has appeared on Angie Tribeca & You’re the Worst, & has performed at UCB, iO West, the Clubhouse and hosted his own monthly show the “The Dusty Rhodes All Character Improv Rumble Royale” at UCB Inner Sanctum. He is a fan of pro wrestling, super heroes, and theatre of cruelty. He is happy to perform frequently for Speedface at the Pack and is constantly looking for ways to elicit an interesting crowd response. His parents are disappointed.

Cameron Rice

Cameron Rice is a writer and producer who has made appearances on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Stream and ScreenJunkiesPlus. He co-produces the improv show Cryclips with fellow Pack performer Elizabeth Hayhurst and Speedface with Eric Moneypenny. Host of numerous podcasts. You can follow him on on twitter @Jurassicalien where you can see him talk about movies, comic books and pro wrestling.