Monster PROV

Monster Prov is the a fun Improv Jam where everyone who signs up becomes a monster!

Each monster has multiple heads and those heads speak in unison or one word at a time!

Everyone gets to play and the best monster by audience vote wins $40! Work on group mind! Possible win $40!

Only at the Pack Theater on the 3rd Monday of every month  at 9PM!

Jonathan Grant

Jonathan P. Grant has trained at TPT, UCB, iO West, and assorted other acronyms. Currently, he writes for and co-produces “Your TPT Late Night Show Tonight!” & “Your TPT Family Dinner!” and writes for “The Nightcap with Stacy Rumaker”.

He wrote and produced “Rotato”, which was the very first monthly sketch show at the Pack. He was a writer-performer on the iO West sketch team, “It’s the Cops!”, and the Pack Theater sketch team, “Nightchurch”. And, last but not least, he wrote for the 2015 CBS Diversity Showcase.

He has a completely useless MBA from Loyola Marymount, a somewhat useless MA in Classics from University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, and a marginally useful BA in Archaeology & Classics from Loyola Marymount.