Nightchurch is a house sketch team at the Pack Theater in Los Angeles. New shows every third Sunday.

Nightchurch is:
TIffany Aleman
Richie Aaron
Dane Bowling
Lani Claxton
Grant Cohen
Ryan Cohen
Daniel Emmons
Erica Fortes
Fernando Funes
Curt Gavin
Ethan Stanislawski

Dane Bowling

With a sharp eye and sharper wit, filmmaker-director-writer (and everything else) Dane Bowling exposes audiences to his love for the grotesque with joyful abandon.

Praised for his quick turnaround time and an inimitable aesthetic, he is a one man production team operating under the credence: “Make it fast, cheap, good” and accepts nothing less. With a vision and style that is equal parts Gen X nihilism and Midwestern charm, fans of his work are an exclusive few that pride themselves on being exclusive because they’re always ahead of the curve.

His style of guerrilla film making inspires young filmmakers to pick up the tools available to them and go forth to create by leading by example. Having been quoted as saying “Use your phones if you have to, everyone is walking around farting on a film studio in their pocket” he makes the art of movie magic accessible to all.

With a taste for kitsch, his vision adds a polish and a kinetic energy to create a style that is uniquely his. His masterful grasp of technique allows him to subvert all the rules of film making, making him an iconoclast to watch.

For business inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Grant Cohen


1) Grant writes for Pack Theater house team Nightchurch who perform every third Sunday on stage and at your earliest convenience online. Digital records of his work live on

2) He started his formal comedy education at UCB in New York City. He has also trained at UCB in LA as well as the Pack.

3) Grant is a rural Georgia-born son of two business-minded parents, both of whom are disappointed in him. Not for his career choices, but because he hasn’t yet given them a grandchild.

4) Separate childhood incidents left I- and A-shaped scars on his right leg, but he never got the C, which is the only reason he’s not an international spy.

5) Despite playing many sports right-handed, Grant is actually left-handed. He blames his parents for teaching him to play the wrong way, which is the only reason he’s not an international sports hero.

6) Grant’s first kiss was awful, and it was 100% his fault.

7) Grant thinks you’re a cool person for showing interest in his bio. Thanks cool person!

Ryan Cohen

We asked three industry experts to describe up-and-coming writer Ryan Cohen.

None of them had heard of him; but, if they had, they’d say that he’s:

A)     Exceedingly pleasant to be around;
B)      Fond of making lists;
C)      Also pretty good at writing funny stuff.

Having grown up in the beautiful Bay Area, and later attending college at the glorious UC San Diego, Ryan decided to move to the festering cesspool that is Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. He writes for the house team Nightchurch and occasionally performs and improvises. He’s fervently afraid of death, and he could definitely dunk a basketball if he got a good stretch in first – only he HATES stretching.

Daniel Emmons

Daniel Emmons is a writer for the Pack house team Nightchurch and also hosts Campnight. A former coal train operator from Wyoming he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy and TV writing (no seriously, this isn’t a bit, he operated trains). He’s been improvising for four years and been acting for over fifteen. He’s usually cast as a husband or a father because he had constant resting “I’m disappointed in you” face which gives gravitas to such roles. He’s really not disappointed in you, he actually thinks you’re doing great. Give yourself a pat on the back. 

You can catch him in the tech booth on Tuesdays or Thursdays here at the Pack or around town doing shows with the super team of improvisers/stand up comics Desperate for Stage Time (he doesn’t know how he got on this team, seriously). 

Curt Gavin

Curt Gavin is an actor, musician, and writer who recently moved from DC after acquiring his first network credit. His itch for performing first manifested itself at the battle of the bands in middle school which has since lead him to, a BA in theater, some professional experience in both the acting and production and touring the United States and Canada as a singer and drummer in punk bands. Curt’s debut to LA includes a web series Awkward Hot People, and two short’s: Baited and He Says He Loves Me. Curt is excited to be a part of Nightchurch and looks forward collaborating with his new team!

Frankie Griffen

Frankie G. is a magical weirdo from the Central Valley obsessed with entertaining strangers. Whether as part of Nightchurch, a random guy on an improv mashup show, or the host of the magical Wizarding World talk show, he just wants to make you laugh. And if you’re a recluse, you can still laugh by checking out his satire on Medium: frankiegbaby. Thanks for being great.

[email protected]

Vanessa Gritton


Vanessa Gritton is a currently living, performing stand-up, voice-over and podcasting in Los Angeles. She’s been on Unpopular Opinion Podcast, Roast Battle, clubs around the country Screen Junkies on both Movie Fights as well as Screen Junkies Universe and The Come and Take It Comedy Festival. A writer for two upcoming Netflix reality shows, her work punching up scripts have received praise. She founded and produced the List of Demands Comedy Festival. Named one of WhoHaHa’s Top LGBT Creators We Love A little bit manic, dark and grotesquely excitable, she loves adjectives, mustard and relying on the kindness of strangers.

Samantha Jane Gurewitz


Samantha began acting in High School, and starred in her first short film, Broken, in 2005. She moved to New York City in 2006 where she began studying at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater and caught the comedy bug. She made that her home for almost ten years, studying and performing under brilliant people like Billy Merritt, Chris Gethard and Anthony Atamanuik and completing the training and advanced study programs. She was also on an improv house team at The Magnet Theater, and wrote, produced and starred in her own comedy music show, You Can Call Me Gen, and the spin-off variety show, Bootie Earthquake at The Creek and The Cave in 2010. She also performed in one of UCB’s longest running shows, Cagematch, as the wrestler Lori Mer for years until she left the New York, because she was just so over winters.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and has been regularly performing at
theaters such as UCB, The Pack, Flappers and The Clubhouse while
working on her comedy music. She also writes and performs voices for
The National Lampoon presents: The Final Edition podcast. She has
appeared on MTV, and Buzzfeed, and had her writing
featured in McSweeneys. She was a featured performer at both the 2017
Los Angeles Musical Comedy Festival and Packchella. She produces and
writes the Weed Science segments for The Way Highway podcast on idobi
radio. And yes, she is very tired and she needs a nap.


[email protected]

Ethan Stanislawski

Ethan Stanislawski is a standup comedian, sketch comedy writer, and storyteller currently based in Los Angeles, after spending years in New York City and another in Bloomington Indiana. He is a writer and performer on Nightchurch, a horror comedy sketch team at The Pack Theater, a member of the Pack’s digital comedy group Fat Wolf. Ethan was a writer for the 2018 CBS Diversity Showcase. Please don’t ask him about the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers unless you have three hours of your life you’re willing to sacrifice.

Commercial: Element Talent Agency

Theatrical: Elev8

Erik Wargo

Erik Wargo is a comedic actor, writer and live show producer based out of Orange County, CA. He loves punk rock, making videos, Whahoo’s Fish Tacos and comic books.

At Pack Theater, you can see him writing and performing sketch for Nightchurch, hosting the unstoppable Hardcore Shortform Show or prancing about as part of WPCK. He can also be seen with his indie improv teams Ghostlight and All Party No DJ. He’s trained out of UCB, Spectacles Improv Engine and of course, The Pack Theater

Find him online at