Rat Queen

Rat Queen is a Pack sketch team that can be seen the 4th Wed. of every month at 8pm at TPT Sketch Night. They also really like to be called Mr. Canada.

Rat Queen is:
Katherine Cowell
Catherine Durickas
Michael Gabriel
Jason Kaye
Stephen Loh
Evan Watkins
Grady James Welch
Michael Gutierrez
Jasper Sams

Michael Gabriel

Michael Gabriel is an actor, writer, and comedian from Columbus, Ohio. He played football at Yale University, where he majored in film studies, with a focus on screenwriting. Michael is a performer at the Pack Theater and Upright Citizens Brigade theater. He was a founding member of the Los Angeles UCB character team, Characters Welcome, and director of the Pack’s character team, What A Character.

Michael is co-host of the craft beer and comedy podcast Malt Couture. With the podcast, he’s traveled the country performing live shows and comedy festivals. Michael has appeared in videos on CollegeHumor, the Fox NFL Pregame show, and AOK. He’s been in commercials for Apple, Hewlett Packard, Benjamin Moore paint, and several others.

His website is www.michaelgabriel.co.


Vivian Gil

Vivian is a Dominican-American writer/ performer from Plantation, Florida. Yes, it’s still called that! She’s trained at UCB, Groundlings and IO West and often refers to herself as trash, which is a very high compliment. You can find her performing around town, but you’ll most likely hear her first. She’s very loud.


Stephen Loh

Stephen Loh a comedy writer and occasional performer from the suburbs of Los Angeles.

He’s a co-host on Malt Couture, the world’s #1 comedy beer podcast, with Alex Kidd and Michael Gabriel. Together, they’ve performed for sold out audiences in Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. If you live near Chicago or San Diego, then in 2019, The Malty Boyz™ will be coming to a city near you!

He’s studied sketch writing at The Pack Theater, iO West, and Upright Citizen’s Brigade and wrote for the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase. If you’re reading this on a smartphone you can see him on Crackle’s Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy and Hinge.

He’s won the United States Sketch Championship in 2016 and was a selected to perform at SF Sketchfest in 2018 with his sketch group Dr. America. They were also featured in Wired Japan. If you’re in Los Angeles on the fourth Wednesday of the month you can watch him perform with his Pack Theater sketch team Rat Queen.