Tiffany Aleman

Tiffany Aleman is a comedy writer and performer from Florida currently on the house team, Rat Throat. She has studied improv/sketch at Pack Theater, UCB, IO West, The Groundlings, BATS Improv (SF) and the Improv Space. She hosts the comedy show Sweet Valley and the open mic Quasimodo at the Clubhouse. She wrote and directed the short, “Burbank Game Nights”, which screened at The Women’s Comedy Festival and the Sacramento Film Festival in 2016. Watch her shorts/sketches at TheTiffanyAleman on youtube. Tiffany is widely known for her obsession with Peter Sellers.

Christopher Corbin

Christopher Corbin is a performer that was born and raised in Los Angeles. He started improvising at the L.A. Connection in 1993. Since then he has studied at The Pack Theater, UCB, IO west, Groundlings, and any where else he could get some knowledge. His musical improv team Meaningful Touch runs an all musical improv show at the Clubhouse. Christopher is so proud to be on the house sketch team Dr. America, and the house improv team Rat Throat. Christopher can be seen acting on Jane The Virgin, 2 Broke Girls, Angie Tribeca, Casual, Mary + Jane, and in random commercials playing bad guys. If you want to know more go to

Leeann St. John

Leeann St. John’s goal is to become as funny as she possibly can be and to collaborate with excellent people. To that end, she has spent quite a bit of her time and dead grandfather’s money to graduate from many of the major LA improv and sketch programs including: UCB, Groundlings, iO West, Second City, and of course, the amazing Pack. Leeann is honored to perform regularly and be a part of the community at The Pack with House Team ‘Rat Throat’ at 8pm every Tuesday and to skewer our new President every Wednesday at 8 with ‘Trumprov’, and lastly every 2nd Thursday of the month to wear costumes and role giant 20-sided die with her fantasy team ‘Drunkards & Dragons’.

Casey Kiesling

Casey Kiesling is a smart-ass and know-it-all from Orange County born and raised. Dropped out of law school to pursue comedy, studied at UCB and the Pack Theater. On a completely unrelated note he believes that Tim Meadows is the most underrated cast member in SNL history.

Lillian Pennypacker

Lillian grew up on the east coast where she studied Theater and Fine Arts at Towson University. She transitioned to on camera acting in NYC at The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts. Moving to the west coast, she burst into the comedy world and performs every Tuesday night on the house improv team, Rat Throat. She has also studied at Pack Theater, UCB, iO West and Playhouse West. She is a comedian, actor and writer who regularly writes and shoots her own work. Other credits include ‘Mark Of The Witch’, ‘Zoe’; a film by Antek Nykowski, and commercial work for McDonald’s, Suzuki and Pepsi. She is honored and thrilled to be a part of the Pack Theater.

Jason Van Glass

Master of the one-liner, and favorite comedian of servicemen and presidents alike, Jason Van Glass is one of the nation’s most-beloved entertainers, a millionaire many times over, and a star in every category open to him: vaudeville, radio, television, and film, most notably a string of “Road” movies with longtime friend Bing Crosby. He has performed at the Bridgetown, SF Sketchfest, and Crom Comedy Festivals, and traveled countless miles to entertain his troops in cities like Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco. The Bob Hope American Patriot Award is named in his honor.