Set List

LA’s best stand-up comedians get a never-before seen list of topics, and must improvise a set as though the suggetions are their prepared, road-tested, material.

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Created by: Troy Conrad
SET LIST at The Pack produced by Jason Van Glass and Rob Schultz

Jason Van Glass

Master of the one-liner, and favorite comedian of servicemen and presidents alike, Jason Van Glass is one of the nation’s most-beloved entertainers, a millionaire many times over, and a star in every category open to him: vaudeville, radio, television, and film, most notably a string of “Road” movies with longtime friend Bing Crosby. He has performed at the Bridgetown, SF Sketchfest, and Crom Comedy Festivals, and traveled countless miles to entertain his troops in cities like Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco. The Bob Hope American Patriot Award is named in his honor.