The evil Dr. Timefuck has a Time Prisoner. His name is Speedface. Thus, on the 1st Sunday of every month, Dr. Timefuck presents acts who each have 100 seconds to entertain Speedface with comedy, action, live stunts, and chaos. When anything goes in the name of entertainment, what will they do with their 100 seconds? Created/curated by Eric Moneypenny (The Midnight Show / FOX ADHD / The Eric Andre Show), produced by Eric Moneypenny & Cameron Rice. Hosted by Dr. Timefuck (Nick Gligor) & Speedface (John Paliferro).

Jason Wayne Christian

Jason Wayne Christian aka Hamburgers the Clown @hamburgersclown is a college educated fat person who has appeared on Angie Tribeca & You’re the Worst, & has performed at UCB, iO West, the Clubhouse and hosted his own monthly show the “The Dusty Rhodes All Character Improv Rumble Royale” at UCB Inner Sanctum. He is a fan of pro wrestling, super heroes, and theatre of cruelty. He is happy to perform frequently for Speedface at the Pack and is constantly looking for ways to elicit an interesting crowd response. His parents are disappointed.

Nick Gligor

Nick Gligor is an actor, writer and comedian originally from Western Pennsylvania.

His first feature film ‘Saturday at the Starlight’, co-written with writing partner Jake Disch, and starring Abigail Breslin, Denise Richards and Michael Madsen is in post-production. The film is produced by Lee Eisenberg (The Office) and the team at Brat. Nick appears in a supporting role. You can see and hear him in many shorts from The Jackal Group’s AOK, Fox ADHD, Funny Or Die, in the online series-es Talents and Jesus House, commercials and more.

At the Pack, Nick portrays host/timelord Dr. Timefuck in Speedface, the insane variety show that gives every act 100 seconds each to entertain the audience. He is also a performer/writer on veteran house sketch team Haymaker. Additionally, you can catch him as a cast member in the award-winning heavy metal musical “The People vs Hell Kross”, previously featured in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival and currently running at Three Clubs.

In the past, Nick was a member of iO West sketch team Jet Jaguar and a member of OG Miles Stroth Workshop sketch group Dumbshit Mountain. Nick has performed at UCB, Nerdist, Comedy Central Stage, The Hollywood Improv and The Second City Hollywood, as well as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. He was also part of sketch trio Local Business, the group behind the viral Kanye West Christmas parody album “Kreezus”.

Nick resides in the Valley (by choice) and watches a lot of pro wrestling.

Commercial Rep: Samantha Daniels, Mavrick Artists Agency (323.931.5555)
Literary Rep & Management: Linne Radmin, The Radmin Company (310.274.9515)

Leroy Patterson

Leroy Patterson is a stuntman / pro wrestler / video editor born in Downey, CA

With a personal goal to appear on at least one reality show every years, he has made appearances on MTV’s True Life, Americas Got Talent, Wipeout, Hole in the Wall, and many other reality shows that get their comedy from the pain of the contestants!

Since October 2015, Leroy’s has been hurting himself as the last act of each Speedface show. Thumbtacks, Staples, Shock Collars and more are used to gross out the crowd, because trying to be as funny as everyone else is too hard. Luckily, his stunt training and 16 years of Pro Wrestling Experience prevents him from dying on stage.

Leroy can also been seen popping up randomly in sketch shows, and in the squared circle of Freakshow Wrestling in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.