Phillip Binder

Stand Up, Sketch, Editing, Camerawork, Cute, But Approachable!
Phillip is a dang dynamo of quick energy and stunning beauty. Sort of like a forlorn, sailor’s wife, gazing at the open sea (but very funny). His stand up is eccentric, his characters are big, and his writing stuffs gags, bits, and goofs in every nook and cranny. Phillip loves taking risks with comedy, and standing behind the dumbest joke.

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Sara Brown

Sara Brown is a Sacramento native who has been living in LA since 2015. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from the University of California, Irvine, with Honors in Dramatic Literature, History, and Theory, placing her into a very specialized hybrid category of drama geek and book nerd. She studied improv at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and performs regularly with her indie improv team Safety Hat. At the Pack Theater, she is a writer and performer on Squish, co-hosts Super Dating Simulator, and serves as a producer/writer/actor/satanic vessel for The Bacchus. She has one baby tooth that has never fallen out, which has perplexed every dentist she has ever met.

Jacob Gerstel

Jacob Gerstel is a writer, actor, and comedian. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jacob attended UC Berkeley and started doing improv shows regularly. He joined the Pack Theater after moving back to LA in 2016, where he performs in a handful of monthly sketch and character shows. He has studied sketch and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, iO West, and the Pack. He has appeared in videos from AOK. You can email him at

Connor Hurley

Born in San Francisco, CA on 02/28/1995 at around 6:17 in the morning, Connor is Really Smart, Really Cute, and REALLY Funny. Since moving to Los Angeles he has graduated from the Upright Citizens Brigade Sketch Program and the Pack Theater’s Sketch Program. Connor is a proud performer on “TPT’s Sketch Night”, and co-producer of the monthly show “Chopping Block Comedy”. He loves emails! So email him:

Brittany Metz

Graduate school drop out, Brittany Metz, is a writer, performer, comedian and graphic designer. Brittany has studied improv at Endgames, UCB, and sketch at The Pack Theater. Brittany performs many different characters, and spends her free time trying to remember who she really is. She has done graphics and animation for Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, Rhett & Link, The Streamys, AOK, and HBO. Has replaced sleep with writing animated show pitches.

Miles Roberts

Miles is 80% water and not much fun at parties. He has a film degree that he rarely uses. He studied sketch at The Pack Theater and UCB. He also once dropped out of a level 1 improv class at iO West. He produces too many shows and reached his creative and spiritual peak in 2016 when he completed the Fatburger XXXL Challenge.

Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers likes to write, but he’s always stumped by these bios.  He spends his time writing features, pilots, and sketches for The Pack.  He’s produced and written content for The Muppets, MTV, go90 and Nerdist.  Shoot him an email at or check him out on the internet at


Jen Saunderson

Jen Saunderson brings to the stage an imaginatively whimsical and sometimes dark style of humor…she’s basically a human mogwai.

Saunderson is the creator and host of the IFC web series, “The Filling is Mutual,” along with her best friend and co-host Jenny Zigrino. The two create unique dishes based on their favorite comedian’s jokes. The Jens also host a podcast “The Filling is Mutual,” focused on their love for comedy and food.

Saunderson has toured internationally performing in Reykjavik, Edinburgh, London, Prague & Tokyo. She’s originally from Seattle, where she was named Seattle’s Best Comedian by Seattle Weekly.

She was a judge’s favorite on Season 6 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, which took her to Vegas. She can been seen on Comedy Central’s new show Badass Bitches of History and every season of FOX’s Laughs.

Saunderson was featured in the movie Kuso (2017) that premiered at Sundance and was directed by The Flying Lotus.

She is survived by her husband, two cats and dog named Gandalf… who may or may not be a wizard.

Abby Tebeau

Abby Tebeau is a Los Angeles-based comedian. After graduating college in Chicago she studied and performed at iO, The Annoyance, and The Second City before selling all her Ikea furniture only to buy some of the same things at the Ikea in Burbank.  In L.A. she’s studied at UCB, The Pack Theater and performed on Harold night at iO West (RIP).

Abby owns two paintings of Amy Sedaris, and has seen 2001: A Space Odyssey twice in 70mm.

She performs weekly with her beloved sisters of Belligerent, and monthly with her Sketch team Squish.

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams is a sketch writer/performer and aspiring television writer based in Los Angeles. She hails from Chicago, where she performed sketch and improv for many years at Second City and iO. You can see her perform as part of The Pack Theater’s house sketch team, Squish; as well as in and around LA on her sketch team, Baguette. You can also see her if you pass her on the street. Because she’s a human person and not a figment of your imagination.