Jed Alcantara

Jed is a comedian hailing from Riverside, California. After attaining a B.S. in Biology from Cal State Fullerton, he naturally sought to pursue a life in the world of comedy. Jed started taking classes in 2014 and has studied at UCB and TPT. He can be seen performing improv weekly at the Rude Mondays show with house team Foxglove, as well as every Tuesday with The Deconstruction. Additionally, you can see him performing on the indie circuit with his all-male, all-Asian team Miss Golightly and his all-regular, all-regular team Boy Heavy! Jed is a general fan of 80’s music and ketchup. Okay, bye.

Alex Foster

Alex Foster is an improvisor living and working in Los Angeles. He started improvising at UC Irvine, and continued to perform in Orange County before moving to Los Angeles in 2014. He has studied improv at iO West, The Pack Theater, and the Nerdist School.

Alex performs weekly with The Pack Theater’s Deconstruction cast, and monthly in Fullerton at Spectacles Improv Engine with genre team Harry Potter and the Blankety Blank and long form team Pictures of Spaghetti.

Angela Kim

Angela is a recent graduate of iO West and currently member of The Deconstruction and the all-female cast of Late Nightmare with Emily Candini.

Leon Nixon

Leon Nixon is a writer, actor, stand-up comedian, and voice actor.  A Los Angeles native, he has performed in short films, web series’, and you can hear his voice in the feature film Domain.  He has trained at The Pack Theater, iO West, The Groundlings, and with Jimmy Carrane’s Art of Slow Comedy in Chicago.  Leon has performed at iO West, and is part of the group that set record in the Guinness Book of World Records for Longest Continuous Improv Show at 150 hours.  At The Pack Theater, Leon performs with the sketch variety show Black Magic Live!, and he is part of the cast that performs The Deconstruction, The Pack Theater’s signature form, every Tuesday night at 7pm.

Eileen Mary O’Connell

Eileen is a writer, performer and podcaster living in Los Angeles. Originally from Chicago, she got her start in comedy as a member of the Second City Teen Ensemble in 2002. She moved to LA to attend Loyola Marymount University and by the time graduation rolled around, she was too in love with the city (re: The weather) to ever leave. Plus it was the height of the frozen yogurt boom. I mean, come on.

She’s a proud member of the inimitable Pew Pew Pachoo (a former Pack house team). Outside of the Pack, her team Murder Murder co-hosts the monthly show/cocktail party, “A Lovely Night of Murder!” at the Clubhouse. She’s also a writer, performer, and segment producer for Top Story! Weekly at iO West. Offstage, Eileen co-hosts Skeeter-ial: A Muppet Babies investigation with her pal Matt Manser. She’s also an avid joke writer on Twitter and you should follow her (please). Yay!

Charles Park

Charles Park is an improviser, storyteller and writer from Los Angeles, with a ‘blinkandyoumissedit’ birth and infancy in Huntsville, Alabama.

He’s studied improv and sketch at The Pack Theater, as well as at UCB. He also earned a BA in Development Studies from the ‘other’ UCB (University of California, Berkeley). When he’s not taking classes, watching shows or performing, he’s producing interactive entertainment software (i.e. video games).

See him perform The Pack Theater’s signature form every Tuesday night at 7p, The Deconstruction!

He also co-hosts the variety show “You Kids Get Off My Lawn” at The Clubhouse the 2nd Saturday of each month as well as musical improv at any opportunity.

If you see him around, give him a second, he   uses   a   lot   of   pauses   when   he   speaks.
Oh, and talk about sports, definitely sports.