Lawrence Abbott

Lawrence Abbott is a writer/producer originally from New Jersey. After studying film at Howard University, he completed the sketch program at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater in New York City. While there he created ‘The Damned Truth’, a podcast/sketch video platform, where he wrote/directed live shows in the NYC Sketch Festival, Bad Theater Fest, UCB theaters, PIT theater and Magnet theater. After moving to Los Angeles Lawrence hosted ‘The Damned Truth:Live, a live comedy variety show at the Inner Sanctum in addition to writing for UCB ‘sketch cram’ and performing stand up at ‘Cool Thanks’. He went on to produce a bunch of silly live video content for Buzzfeed like ‘Zombie Talk show’, ‘Don’t Wake Grandpa’,‘Ask a stoner’ and ‘Honestly Speaking’. Lawrence now writes/directs sketches for video sketch team ‘Nightpantz’, writing/producing a comedy web series ‘In Passing’, writes for live sketch team ‘Color Collective’ and writes for live late night comedy news show ‘The Night Cap w/ Stacy Rumaker’.

Kash Abdulmalik

Kash is a Los Angeles based comedian, writer and actor. He’s also someone’s daughter so please, show a little respect. Kash hails from the small town of Brooklyn, New York (not too many have heard of it.) After moving to L.A. in 2001 and spending nine years as the singer in a hardcore punk band (as one does) the answer was clear. Comedy. Starting his career with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in 2008, Kash began shooting and writing sketches with his own team, The Public. He then relocated back to NYC to start the collective Dark Matter Video, and develop an animated series for Adult Swim. Now back in his true home of L.A., Kash can be seen in the new Bruce Willis film, Going Under and co-starring with Zach Galifianakis in FX’s new show Baskets. He’s also gained a following, performing in online content for Buzzfeed. Locally, he can be seen at the Pack Theatre performing with his sketch team, Turncoat, performing stand up all over town, or just turn on your television. Chances are you’ll see him doing something hilarious!

Courtney Paige Barnett

Courtney Paige Barnett is originally from Dallas, Texas and started stand up in the intimate Austin scene before heading west after college. She has a BS in Radio-TV-Film from University of Texas at Austin and has trained at UCB, Second City Hollywood, The Pack Theater, and Westside Comedy Theater, where she also directs sketch. Her iO sketch team Duke has been on the main stage for over two years and was featured at the San Francisco Sketchfest. Courtney also writes for feminist satire website, Reductress, and is a voiceover artist represented by Solid Talent. Turncoat is her favorite.

Robert Clarke-Chan

Robert Clarke-Chan has been a sketch and improv comedian since 1997 – including a stint on Harold night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – writing, performing, and hosting shows at UCB, Second City Hollywood, iO West and more. He currently writes for Yahoo and co-hosts a number of podcasts including Science Jerks, Knowing Is Half the Podcast and The Regenerates.

John Conroy

John Conroy is an actor, director, producer, critically acclaimed playwright, comedian, DJ, marketing and communications executive, and job collector.

John’s been performing, coaching and teaching improvisational comedy for 15 years. He can be seen every week with the cast of veteran improvisers in Big Yellow Taxi. He also co-created the award-winning The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir, is a judge in Sketchyprov, produces the Night Cap with Stacy Rumaker, and is an abridger and producer/director for Scumbag Shakespeare. John is a proud member of LA’s acclaimed PL.A.Y Noir theatre company as an actor, director, writer and producer.

John’s extensive training includes the Pack Theater, iOWest, UCB-LA, Second City, The Groundlings, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Viewpoints with Alexandra Billings.

In his free time (?) he enjoys his bulldog, yoga, rye whiskey, and accidentally flirting with literally everybody.

Ben Kuerschner

Ben Kuerschner is a joke writer and cheerful malcontent. At The Pack Theater he is writer, director, and producer for Your TPT Late Night Show Tonight and Your TPT Family Dinner Tonight, director and producer for The Night Cap with Stacy Rumaker, and a member of the house sketch team Gunslinger. He also co-produces the Pack’s yearly three day comedy music festival, Packchella.

Outside the Pack he writes for The National Lampoon’s Final Edition Podcast. He was also the Producer and Head Monologue Writer of the monthly late night live show It’s Past My Bedtime with Topher Harless, as well as writer and producer for The 88 Show with Avery Pearson at the Hollywood Improv.

He began his career writing monologue jokes for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Besides writing jokes for The Tonight Show, Ben worked there as a coordinator. He started his TV career as an NBC Page. He spends most of his current day job posting jokes to Twitter instead; you can see if you think it’s worth it here:

Ben’s tombstone will read “I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but if you have any notes I’d love to hear them.”

Kandice Martellaro

Kandice Martellaro is a comedy writer and performer based out of Los Angeles. Kandice has written on Dana Gould’s TV Show Stan Against Evil on IFC and Hulu. She has also been a writer for the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase, the National Lampoon’s The Final Edition podcast and she has written for YouTube talent (specifically, Kian and J.C.’s live tour titled, “Don’t Try This at Home” – but she’s not supposed to share that! Don’t tell them!) Kandice enjoys being part of The Pack Theater community, as she is a proud member of sketch team, Femmebot PhD.

Brian Rubinow

Brian Rubinow is a writer and performer born and raised in Los Angeles. He was proud to be a member of one of the Pack Theater’s first sketch teams, GoodFoot, and is currently a member of Fat Wolf Comedy, Pack Theater’s first digital team. In addition, Brian is the Video Producer for The Night Cap With Stacy Rumaker. He has studied with some of the best comedy writers in Los Angeles at UCB and the Pack Theater, but likes to say his greatest teacher is life itself. His UCB credits include The Best of Not Too Shabby, Fresh Fish Variety Hour, and the Orange iMind 12+ Keynote 2029. Brian is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, enjoys playing drums and video games, and probably spends way too much time worrying about his bio.