Very Famous

Very Famous is a sketch comedy team that performs every 4th Sunday at The Pack. Directed by Sam Brown (Whitest Kids U Know) and Niv Brook (Turncoat)

Devin Crittenden

Devin grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to L.A. when he was 20 to become a super-serious actor. Now he’s a super serious actor/writer/director of comedy. His acting credits include: Chasing Mavericks starring Gerard Butler; Disaster Movie for Lionsgate; and The Cheerleader Murders for Lifetime. He has recurred on Jane the Virgin for The CW and GREEK for ABC Family. Guest-starred on The League, CSI, and Criminal Minds. He is also the writer/director of the feature film Richard Peter Johnson, available on iTunes and Amazon.

Devin has performed all over town in hundreds of live shows including theater, improv, and sketch comedy. See him Sundays at the Pack with VERY FAMOUS. Devin is an alumnus of The Groundlings writing lab, The Pack sketch program, and Playhouse West.

Griffin Davis

Griffin Davis is a writer/actor on The Pack sketch team VERY FAMOUS.

He made a movie called BINDLESTIFFS that you can stream on Amazon.

When he’s not playing video games he’s talking about them on his podcast he co-hosts called GameBoiz. You can find it wherever you find podcasts these days.

Tara Erickson

Tara Erickson is an actor, comedian and host with a background in improv and sketch comedy. She’s not only acting, but creating, writing, producing, directing and editing all her work for her own YouTube channel. You can check her out on her channel and join her #IdiotArmy, as her hashtag is #ThisIdiot. Everything is done with an air of fun and idiocy and she’s always looking for fellow people with an affliction for laughing.

Michael Goldenberg

Michael Goldenberg is a very sweet young man.  Hailing from Munster, Indiana, this ex-competitive juggler is now writing and performing sketch comedy across Los Angeles.  He is a *very replaceable* member of house sketch team DETENTION, which is the cutest sketch team in Southern California.  He also performs and makes videos with DAD’S NEW APARTMENT, the second cutest sketch team in Southern California.  Michael can often be seen pacing frantically at coffee shops while writing pilots for the television machine. Contact for any inquiries.

Victoria Harley

Victoria Harley earned an M.A. in Rhetoric in Dayton, OH before planning her escape. On the long road to Hollywood, she held a few different jobs: radio producer, tutor, essayist, printer, t-ball umpire, tractor magazine editor, barista, temp, researcher, and (most recently) script supervisor.

She currently writes for sketch team Very Famous.

Lyndsey Horton

Lyndsey Horton is a writer, comedian, and VFX artist, but mostly, she’s Canadian. Lyndsey has studied sketch at The Pack, improv at iO West and UCB, and sarcasm from her family. In 2015, she was a finalist for the Thomas Angel Foundation Scholarship but lost [probably] because she didn’t cry enough or spent too much time, during in the final interview, ensuring the prize money was to be delivered in the form of a giant check.

Lyndsey hosts/produces a monthly show of storytelling and improv at iO West called ‘Fore the Story. She has also worked in the VFX/animation industry for 10 years with most notable credits: Wreck-It Ralph, ParaNorman, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Thor: The Dark World, and Alice in Wonderland.

Lastly, she will never miss an opportunity to let you know she went to a college in Florida on water ski scholarship… and she’s Canadian.

Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson is an improviser, writer, singer, voice over talent and actor.

He’s a corn-fed Nebraskan who loves his momma but just had to go west and see the wider world.

Nate got is his first acting gig at age 10 in a local production of The Music Man.

Throughout his teens, he acted in multiple plays and musicals. He went on to earn a vocal scholarship at California Lutheran University where he was trained in opera and jazz vocal performance.

Nate became a voice over actor in 2012 while living in New York and has voiced commercials for Amazon, Bud Light and was even part of a Cannes award-winning ad campaign called Take It From A Fish.

He got into comedy three years ago after arriving in LA and is now a part of The Pack’s house team, Big Yellow Taxi and the new sketch team, Very Famous.

You can catch him multiple nights a week loitering outside The Pack or performing inside. He’s making his move to on-screen work so watch out!

Dan Kerrigan

Dan Kerrigan is elated to write and perform at The Pack Theater, something he’s done since 2016. Dan is thankful to be an idiot with house team Very Famous and Dan also told me to tell you that he co-produces and performs in Cutscene, a video game-inspired sketch show, which means Dan will some day shave to play Mega Man at some point and he’s really jazzed about that. Dan also performs in Book Report, as well as the very cool and new The Nicky Urban Show. Dan has also appeared at Second City performing with Hollywood Night Live, and he kinda misses iO and playing improv with NO MAN, and hopes the dude trapped in the iO West Loft is ok. Dan can also be heard on the forthcoming Made Up Baseball Podcast (MUBP) as creator, writer, and play-by-play announcer. Dan has a truck and can help you out, just in case you are about to move into a new apartment, just feed him and he will be your friend forever. Dan put up his comedy reel on YouTube, is on Twitter @DaneKerrigane, Instagram as DanKerriganSeriously, and can be checked out in depth at, or see the general shenanigans of his daily life on Facebook at Also, here are his Casting Frontier and LA Casting links, just in case you are looking for a guy like Dan for a film of commercial. When Dan is not busy doing what he does at The Pack Theater and elsewhere, he rides a giant tricycle for a living because he’s basically six years old, but don’t tell Dan I said that.

Dan Kerrigan 617.571.5452

Kevin Noonan

Kevin is a writer and performer from Kansas, with training and performing experience at The Pack Theater and Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles as well as Second City in Chicago. He’s had the opportunity to participate in festivals and showcases around the country including the Cleveland Comedy Festival, Kansas City Fringe and the Burbank Comedy Festival, and now writes and performs monthly at the Pack Theater as a part of Very Famous.

Chelsea Pope

Chelsea grew up in Rancho Cucamonga and graduated from UCLA with a BA in English Lit. She has since studied and performed improv and sketch comedy at The Pack, The Groundlings, and UCB. In addition to performing standup and characters, Chelsea wrote and produced her first web series, a sci-fi comedy called Best Friend Fix, now in post-production. She’s thrilled to be joining The Pack sketch team Very Famous this season! Chelsea also lives with a charmingly fat calico she named Princess Leia. Leia is the alpha.

JanyNicole Stehman

JanyNicole is a performer, producer, writer and House Manager at the Pack Theater. She studied Fashion Design at FIDM in San Francisco and worked as a freelance designer for a few years before she realized brides were a nightmare and her heart was in comedy.  You can catch her every 4th Sunday at 8pm performing with her House Sketch Team, Very Famous, second Wednesdays at 9:30pm hosting JUNK!, or yelling at her writing partner Jupiter Baudot every first Saturday at midnight in SH!TPOST. She’s been performing since 2015 and has studied at UCB, The Pack, and The Comedy Spot. She has performed at Austin Sketch Fest and also appeared in digital content on Comedy Central, AOK, and Funny Or Die. When she’s not doing comedy she’s producing Commercials and Music videos.
It took her exactly one year of being a performer to write this performer bio. YOU’RE WELCOME WORLD.


Jessica Vance

Jessica Vance is a writer/performer from the eastern half of the State of Texas. After too many years of financial security as a graphic designer and advertising executive, she took an improv class at Houston’s Station Theater, which led to performing with Launchpad (improv) and co-founding The Good Enoughs (sketch). Ten months later, she completed Station’s improv curriculum, packed everything that would fit into her 2004 Honda Civic, and drove to Los Angeles. The Civic did not survive the trip.

During her short time in Los Angeles, she has graduated from the UCB Training Center and is a current student in The Second City Hollywood’s Conservatory Program, as well as Sketch and Improv at The Pack.

Jessica is very excited to write for one of The Pack’s newest sketch teams, Very Famous. Catch them every fourth Sunday of the month.