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Ep. 58 – Dwayne Colbert

Dwayne Colbert is an improviser, actor, writer and director from Los Angeles. He was a writer for Nickelodeon, and has toured with Second City. He’s appeared on Silicon Valley, The Mindy Project, and in numerous commercials. Dwayne writes, performs and directs sketch and improv at theaters throughout the Los Angeles area.

Ep. 38 – Bill Binder (set included)

Bill Binder surprised me tonight in the Podcast&Set. The set was an absolute blast, but lets set that aside. This mans approach to the entire process of long form improvisation, art, community, life, from how he began to how he continues, is one of the most beautiful I have ever encountered. Thanks for tonight, Bill. Now go and continue to surprise the world!


Ep. 37 – Jason E. Kelley (set included)

“Jason E Kelley just fucking nailed it tonight in the Podcast&Set at The Pack.This man is pro-level across the board. IMHO he carried the night. Just a real pleasure. Told me its been awhile for him, but ain’t nothing wrong with that game. Jason! Thanks again for coming out! We talked, we played, we sang!”


Ep. 36 – Sergio Cilli (set included)

I had the pleasure of meeting, chatting and playing with Sergio Cilli tonight in the Podcast & Set at The Pack Theater. He has a 5 month old baby and had no business being out tonight. Fun talk and fun set! Thanks again for coming out, Sergio! Now sleep for 2 hours.


Ep. 35 – Xchel Hernandez

Xchel Hernandez-Zendejas came out for the Podcast & Set tonight. I vaguely remembered him from workshops I had taught 5-10 years ago. What I saw tonight was not what I saw then. Xchel, you can flat out play. Never doubt that. Your commitment to this endless process is inspiring. In every moment I shared with you tonight you were spot fucking on. I had a blast. Also, we made the poop olympics work! Lets never do that again. Thanks again for coming out!


Ep. 34 – Jeff Hawkins

The HawkinStroth has risen! Had a blast tonight playing with Jeff Hawkins in the Podcast&Set! Great and sincere conversation too. I tried to end the set nice, but Jeff wasn’t having it. Nicely played, sir.


Ep. 32 – Mark Beltzman (Set Included)

Mark Beltzman, a member of the first modern Harold team ever, Barron’s Barracudas, came out for the Podcast&Set tonight. It was an honor. Not unlike in the Podcast, I am at a loss for words. He was there at what I consider to be the very fucking beginning. That’s just cool. Thanks again for coming out, Mark! It was a real pleasure.

Ep. 29 – Kevin Dorff

Kevin Dorff. The improviser’s improviser. Another legend that I aspired to play like, came out for the podcast and set tonight. A lesson I have taught for years, that you are enough, I wound up crying saying to him because I realized that he was part of me realizing the truth in that and that it connected us in a way that I had not seen. The conversation, the set, the night was just great. Mitch last week, Kevin this week…I have to say, it’s really fucking fun playing with your heroes.

Ep. 28 – Mitch Rouse

“Got to play with one of my improv heroes tonight, Mr. Mitch Rouse. I was nervous from the moment he showed up until he left. I talked too much at the beginning of the podcast and then shut up a lot because I just wanted to hear him speak. The set was effortless, unique and peppered with trust rewarded. Thanks again for coming out, Mitch! What can I say, I’m still a thirteen year old fan.”