The Pack’s core Improv and Sketch Programs represent what we consider to be the foundations for good performers and writers. We also offer elective workshops throughout the year because a good performer never stops learning. Our electives help students expand their performance abilities and refine their understanding of different approaches to the work. Our commitment to adjustment, adaptation and evolution is what separates The Pack Theater from other comedy schools.

Animated Pitch Bible – ONE DAY ONLY


Instructor: Stephanie Streisand

1 day – $40

PITCH BIBLE Sunday 11-1pm Pack Theater Oct. 28th
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In this one day workshop, you will learn how to get a pitch meeting and what you need to prepare. You will learn how and what to pitch in a pitch meeting and the dos and don’ts. Stephanie will then teach you, page by page, how to make an animated pitch bible.

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Nov/Dec 2018

Pitch Bible Sun. 11-1pm Oct. 28th

Developing Comedy For TV Nov/Dec 2018

Instructor: Spencer Griffin

8 weeks – $310

Not available in the Nov/Dec session.

DevComedy for TV Tuesdays 7-10pm Room 208 N/A

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This elective workshop will focus on taking your original comedic pilot idea or script and turning it into a 1-5 page treatment. Starting with an overview of the development and pitching process and its players, the class will begin with evolving pilot ideas into serviceable loglines. We will also survey the current marketplace and examine what makes a show fit for a network or networks. The treatment work will include the development and description of logline, characters, tone, plot, story, and structure of both the show and the tangible treatment. By the end of the class, students will have a treatment they can either use as an auxiliary document with their script or take the treatment  and start writing their pilot!

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Sept/Oct 2018 Session

Dev Comedy for TV Tues 7-10pm Room 208 Starting Sept 11th

Advanced Sketch Writing for Television – Nov/Dec 2018


Instructor: Mike Upchurch

6 weeks(4 hr classes) – $310

Holiday schedule! No class Nov. 24th. Happy Thanksgiving!

Adv. Sketch for TV Saturdays 11-3pm New Collective Nov. 3rd/Dec. 15th
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Instructor: Mike Upchurch

This is a comprehensive sketch writing course that includes theoretical, historical, and practical study of sketch comedy writing. Historical origins of the sketch will be explored, and the narrative of sketch comedy, and the superstructure of variety entertainment will be analyzed. Show business culture and the practical aspects of getting and keeping a comedy writing job will be explored in-depth. This course is taught by Emmy Award-winning comedy writer, Mike Upchurch, who wrote “The Poetics of Sketch Comedy” as part of his Master’s Thesis at UNLV, and wrote for Mr Show and the Chris Rock Show. Mike brings both a scholarly and professional perspective to teaching.

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Nov/Dec 2018

Adv. Sketch Writing Sat. 11-3pm Starting Nov. 3rd