The Pack’s core Improv and Sketch Programs represent what we consider to be the foundations for good performers and writers. We also offer elective workshops throughout the year because a good performer never stops learning. Our electives help students expand their performance abilities and refine their understanding of different approaches to the work. Our commitment to adjustment, adaptation and evolution is what separates The Pack Theater from other comedy schools.

Making Your Podcast – Mar/Apr 2019


Instructor: Jason Smith

8 weeks) – $310

This class will be held at: Starburns Industries 
1700 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank CA, 91506

Making Your Podcast Sundays 3-6pm See above March 10th
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Podcasting is one of the fastest growing sectors of entertainment right now. With all the competition out there, how do you make your podcast idea stand out? In this workshop, we will: refine your podcast pitch, brainstorm and build show segments, plan the individual pieces and details you need in place for a successful show, strategize delivery, and polish your podcast brain-child so that it can reach all the right ears. By the end of the workshop, we’ll get you in the booth with one of our engineers, and you’ll walk out with a completed, mastered pilot.  Did we mention each class and your recording in the same world class recording booth we recorded Rick and Morty, Animals, and Anomlisa?

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Mar/Apr 2019 Session

Making Your Podcast-Sun 3-6pm, Starts Mar. 10th

Writing for Wrestling Television – One Day Only!


Instructor: Matt Mazany

1 Day Only – $50

Wrestling TV Sunday 2-5pm TBD March 3rd
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Ever wonder what it takes to write a weekly wrestling show?  From booking long term storylines to producing backstages to writing in ring promos, learn how the writing process at the the biggest wrestling company in the world works. Matt Mazany (Funny or Die, Gay of Thrones) went from the LA comedy world to Stamford, Connecticut to write in one of the most challenging rooms in entertainment. Find out what that room and was like and see if it’s something you’d like to try. At the very least, it will give you a different perspective when you tune into wrestling.

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Mar/Apr 2019 Session

Wrestling TV-Sun 2-5pm, Library Space, March 3rd

Writing A Pilot – Mar/Apr 2019

Instructor: Stephanie Streisand

8 weeks – $475

Writing A Pilot Saturdays 12-3pm NewCollective March 9th (SOLD OUT)

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This workshop teaches you to use you sketch experience to write a comedic pilot that shows off your strengths and who you are as a writer. It’s geared towards all level of pilot writing experience. Whether you’re set out to write a single-cam, multi-cam or animated pilot, you will learn from pitch to script, how to write a comedic pilot that showcases you and you will write it.

Prerequisite: 1 or 2 levels of sketch.

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Mar/Apr 2019 Session

Writing A Pilot-Sat 12-3pm, NewCollective, Starts Mar. 9th

Pilot Structure Workshop – ONE DAY ONLY


Instructor: Stephanie Streisand

1 day – $50

Pilot Structure Sunday 12-2pm Pack Theater January 13th (SOLD OUT)
Pilot Structure Sunday 12-2pm Pack Theater January 27th (SOLD OUT)
Pilot Structure Sunday 2:30-4:30pm Pack Theater January 27th (SOLD OUT)
Pilot Structure Sunday 2-4pm Pack Theater February 3rd
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Just like there is a formula for writing a great, fun sketch, there is also a formula for writing a great, fun pilot. Through examples, in this one day workshop, Stephanie breaks down the format and the math behind the story structure of a comedic pilot, down to the page number. At the end of this workshop, you will know how to approach any comedic pilot idea you have.

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Jan/Feb 2019 Session

Pilot Structure-Sun. 12-2pm, Jan. 13th, Pilot Structure-Sun. 12-2pm, Jan. 27th, Pilot Structure-Sun. 2-4pm, Feb. 3rd, Pilot Structure-Sun. 2:30-4:30pm, Jan.27th