The Pack’s core Improv and Sketch Programs represent what we consider to be the foundations for good performers and writers. We also offer elective workshops throughout the year because a good performer never stops learning. Our electives help students expand their performance abilities and refine their understanding of different approaches to the work. Our commitment to adjustment, adaptation and evolution is what separates The Pack Theater from other comedy schools.


During the current Covid-19 pandemic The Pack Theater is unable to offer our normal classes which would meet at our theater and class spaces in Hollywood, CA.

So we are going ONLINE!

We will be utilizing the ZOOM platform.
Please download the Zoom meeting software to enable you to join the class, FREE at https://zoom.us.
You will be sent the meeting room code shortly before the class is scheduled to start.
As we are based in Los Angeles, all class times are PST.

Once you reserve your spot in class with a deposit the remaining balance is due prior to the start of the first class. If you are in need of a payment plan or have any questions, feel free to contact Pack owner, Miles Stroth at [email protected]

Thanks and stay safe!

Writing A Pilot – ONLINE! Jan/Feb 2022!

Instructors: Keisha Zollar & Andrew Kimler

8 Weeks – $500

Mondays 7-10pm ZOOM Jan 10th

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Write that pilot ALREADY!
In this class, Keisha will take you from “idea“ to “a finished half hour scripted comedy pilot”. We will review basic story structure, give specific feedback, and talk industry goals in this class. You will walk away with the first draft of script and a basic pitch! With staffing season and pitch season around the corner, be ready this year with your materials.

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Jan/Feb 2022 (Online)

Pilot-Mon 7-10pm, Zoom, Starts Jan 10th

VOICE OVER – ONLINE! Jan/Feb 2022!

Instructor: Robin Reed

8 Weeks – $320 (Class size limited to 7) 

Voice Over Saturdays 11-1pm Zoom Jan 8th

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This foundational class is a hands-on, deeply practical approach to adding voiceover to your performance career. Alternating between comedic commercial and animation copy, you will work on mic to discover and fine tune what you uniquely bring to a script. You’ll learn exactly what info you need from a spec for commercial, and how to bring what you already do on stage to a cartoon script. We’ll also discuss the business, how it’s changed, what to avoid, and how to get your career off the ground. The quarantine edition of class, which meets via Zoom, has the added bonus of weekly homework, where you’ll self-direct and record audition copy ahead of class. Home studios welcome but not required— for class purposes, recording on your phone is fine.

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Jan/Feb 2022 (Online)

Voice Over-Sat 11-1pm, Zoom, Starts Jan 8th

Writing A Pilot Part II – ONLINE! Jan/Feb 2022!


Instructors: Keisha Zollar & Andrew Kimler

8 Weeks – $550         Class size limited to 11.       NOT available in the Jan/Feb session.

Mondays 7-10pm ZOOM N/A
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Just finished writing your pilot? Great! Have a pilot you’re struggling to rewrite? Even better! Whether you’re looking to staff or sell, this class will help bring new insights to your script as you continue developing it. We’ll also guide you as you rewrite your pilot and create pitch documents; loglines, character breakdowns as well as character and season arcs. Prerequisites: An Original Pilot Script