The Pack’s core Improv and Sketch Programs represent what we consider to be the foundations for good performers and writers. We also offer elective workshops throughout the year because a good performer never stops learning. Our electives help students expand their performance abilities and refine their understanding of different approaches to the work. Our commitment to adjustment, adaptation and evolution is what separates The Pack Theater from other comedy schools.

The Improvised Movie

Instructor: Paul Vaillancourt

Monday 7-10pm in The West Starting January 8th

Face it, you came to Hollywood to be in the movies and now’s your chance! In this workshop Paul will use his 15+ years of experience with the Improvised Movie to teach students the skills necessary to improvise movies of their own including camera technique, use of genre, scene painting and the teepee method of storytelling. For movie lovers and lovers of linear narrative in general.

$310 – 8 weeks
Mon 7-10pm in The West Starting January 8th



Instructor: Matt Lieberman

8 Weeks – $310

You must have completed SKETCH I at The Pack, or, have completed a sketch program at another theater, to enroll.

NOTE: This workshop will be held at the instructor’s home in Van Nuys. Address will be provided upon registration.

This level focuses on distribution and audience development. Students will learn: the different types of successful sketch videos; how different video platforms operate and how to leverage them for maximum impact; understanding and working with algorithms, content ID rules, and hierarchies; how to create winning titles, tags, thumbnails, annotations, and descriptions; multi-platform marketing and how to boost traffic and raise your profile; devising and pitching Webseries and movies to buyers and how to target audience and influencer talent; and how to create effective branded content and internet commercials. Students will write and produce numerous numerous pieces of content for this class.



Instructors: Shira Piven and Tarvis Watson

Not being offered this session.

The foundation of the class: physical, ensemble oriented, play hard, enjoy, get out of your head. We’ll do some Viewpoints, and theatre games in tandem with emotional work via improvisation. We will play with character as well as improvise within a beated storyline. We play with being simple for the camera while staying emotionally charged and even outrageous. (Think of shows like Transparent, Veep, Curb your Enthusiasm, Mike Leigh films, and others.)

Prerequisite: at least one full year of improv training.


Two Person Show Workshop

Instructor: Miles Stroth

8 Weeks – $310

This elective workshop will focus on 2-person longform. Join with a partner or get paired up the first day of class and get ready to work. Miles did the first 2-person longform in Chicago back in 1998. It is some of the best training you can get. You have to do everything. Miles can show you how! Heather & Miles won the UCB Cagematch a record 49 times in a row doing 2-person that LAWeekly described as “beautiful chaos.” Come find out what was going on in those sets and learn to nail your own 2-person!



Finding Characters

Instructor: Jeff Sloniker

8 Weeks – $310

Finding Characters is an eight week course that focuses on developing characters for the stage. Through improv exercises, scene work, and monologues, students will learn easy techniques for coming up with characters and applying them to their scenes. The course will also cover practical aspects of performing characters live, like finding character quirks, determining costumes, developing comedic timing, and using physicality to discover character movement.