The Pack Core Sketch Program is helmed by Eric Moneypenny (The Eric Andre Show, Fox ADHD) and Sam Brown (The Whitest Kids ‘U Know). It includes two levels of sketch writing, where students learn how to develop what they find funny, how to write faster, funnier sketches, and how to increase their ability and confidence to make sketch comedy that is awesome and original.

Classes meet for three hours once a week for eight weeks. Sketch Levels 1 – 2 lay the foundation for what we consider to be good sketch writing. All students must start at Level 1 and complete each level to be eligible for the next.


During the current Covid-19 pandemic The Pack Theater is unable to offer our normal classes which would meet at our theater and class spaces in Hollywood, CA.

So we are going ONLINE!

We will be utilizing the ZOOM platform.
Please download the Zoom meeting software to enable you to join the class, FREE at
You will be sent the meeting room code shortly before the class is scheduled to start.
As we are based in Los Angeles, all class times are PST.

If you are in need of a payment plan or have any questions, feel free to contact Pack owner, Miles Stroth at [email protected]

Thanks and stay safe!

Read more about our teachers here.

SKETCH I – ONLINE! Oct/Nov 2020


Instructors: Eric Moneypenny & Dwayne Colbert

8 Weeks – $320

Thursdays (Eric) 7-10pm ZOOM October 8th
Saturdays (Dwayne) 11-2pm ZOOM October 17th
Sundays (Eric) 4-7pmpm ZOOM October 11th
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This workshop is geared toward all levels of experience. Hundreds have participated, ranging from people who have never written a scene in their lives, to well-known comedians, professional screenwriters, and TV Producers. It’s geared toward beginners and the experienced. If you’ve taken sketch writing before, you’ll discover new ways to make it easier, even more fun, all while increasing your productivity.

Instructor: Dwayne Colbert

Instructor: Eric Moneypenny


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Oct/Nov 2020 (ONLINE)

Sketch 1-Sat 11-2pm, ZOOM, Starts Oct 17th, Sketch 1-Sun 4-7pm, ZOOM, Starts Oct 11th, Sketch 1-Thur 7-10pm, ZOOM, Starts Oct 8th

SKETCH II – ONLINE! Oct/Nov 2020

Instructor: Keisha Zollar

8 Weeks – $320

Wednesdays 7-10pm ZOOM October 7th (SOLD OUT)

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You must have completed Level I to enroll.

Instructor: Keisha Zollar

After having learned basic concepts of sketch comedy writing in Level I, take your sketches to the next level. With a furthered emphasis on idea generation, pitching, writing, with a little bit of performance mixed in. This class  will teach you how to write more specific & varied sketches for your sketch teams, indie shows, video, writing packets, etc.

We will also rip premises from the news, pop culture, and other current events to find comedy bliss…even during these “unprecedented” times. From late night style sketches to character based sketches to delightful joke buckets, we will use your twitter feed to fuel our funny.


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Oct/Nov 2020 (ONLINE)

Sketch 2-Wed 7-10pm, ZOOM, Starts Oct 7th