Christopher Corbin

Christopher Corbin is a human. He was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a hospital for humans, in Los Angeles on September 22nd, 1982.

Christopher loves spreading cheer throughout the world. He loves it so much that when he was a human child he dressed up like Santa Clause and convinced his friend Daniel Moskowitz to dress up like an Elf in the middle of summer so they could sing Christmas Carols on the corner to passing cars. At the Pack, Christopher is honored to be a part of the house improv team Vicious and the house sketch team Dynamo. He was formerly a member of the house sketch team Dr. America, the house improv team Rat Throat, he played Donald Trump in the Pack Show TRUMPROV, and he played Jesus riding a jet ski in a few Pack Holiday Pageants all of which were AWESOME  and you should have been there to see them. Christopher does TV and commercials on occasion and you can find out more about that stuff on his website



Entertainment Lab


Theatrical Agent:

Linda McAlister Talent


Commercial Agent:

Robertson/Taylor Agency