Jasper Sams

Jasper Sams grew up in Madison County, Georgia. After a stint in women’s college and a part in the film V/H/S, she moved to LA and studied with UCB and Second City and The Pack. She’s a member of the Pack sketch team “Detention.” Commercial campaigns include Credit Karma, Microsoft, 5 Hour Energy, Qualcomm, and various Buzzfeed pieces. Voiceover campaigns include Purina and Polk Audio. Jas’s favorite things are:

1. Jock Jams Vol. 2
2. Boys in sweaters
3. Requesting “Headsprung” by LL Cool J in dimly lit bars and then telling drunk people she’s Twilight Zone Ellie Kemper.

She is repped commercially by Firestarter Entertainment and managed by Maxwell Garafolo. Check out her website at www.jasper-sams.com and follow her on twitter and Instagram – @jasper_sams