Rob Schultz

Rob Schultz is a stand-up comedian and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He is best known in the United States, the exclusive venue of every one of his performances to date, which include appearances at SF Sketchfest and the Bridgetown, Cape Fear, Sacramento, and San Diego comedy festivals, as well as his own shows: Set List at the Pack, an improvised stand-up show now in its third year; Gangbusters!, a weekly variety show now in its fifth; and Idiomatic, a panel game about words and language.

Rob also writes the scripted sci-fi sketch comedy podcast Frequency Earth (Now available at, and a monthly zine called NOT ART, featuring the ongoing spy comedy ‘Unacceptable’.

In addition to his volunteer work as a comedian, Rob is a video editor and animator with credits on feature films (Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse, Brand New Old Love, The Selling), cable TV (Comedy Central, Discovery, Vice, Spike), and all manner of shorts, installations, and web things (Nintendo, Google, Visa, Kia, Cracked, College Humor).

His work can be found online at