The Nicky Urban Show

It’s a kid’s show… for adults!!!

Dave Ciaccio

Dave Ciaccio has written for The Science Channel comedy show The Quick and The Curious, as well as the science news pilot Eye On Science, and the sketch team Horace. He is a host of The Science Jerks podcast, the web series Let’s Get High and Make Breakfast, the documentary series pilot Old Timers at Bob’s Big Boy and the live trivia comedy show IQ, which runs monthly at the Pack Theater. He also has like a hundred or more comedy videos of dubious merit that can be seen at His hobbies include cooking, gardening, hiking and existential panic.


Maria Felix Oviedo

Maria Felix Oviedo is a producer, writer and performer who has always called California home except for one terrifying stint in Florida.  After earning a degree in Psychology, she started studying improv and sketch at iO in 2012 and peaked during an unlisted show at an improv festival.  Since then, she’s been roped into producing and performing for The Night Cap with Stacy Rumaker and The Color Collective.


JanyNicole Stehman

JanyNicole is a performer, producer, writer from Northern California. She studied Fashion Design at FIDM in San Francisco and worked as a freelance designer for a few years before she realized brides were a nightmare and her heart was in comedy. She currently works in Production to pay the bills and sleeps never. You can catch her every 1st Sunday at 8pm performing with her House Sketch Team, Fever, or yelling at her writing partner Jupiter Baudot every first Saturday at midnight in SH!TPOST. She’s been performing since 2015 and has studied at UCB, The Pack, and The Comedy Spot. She has performed at San Francisco and Austin Sketch Fest as well as Hell Yes Fest in NOLA. She appears in digital content on Comedy Central, AOK, and Funny Or Die. She was formerly on the House Sketch team Very Famous and is currently the House Manager at the Pack Theater.

It took her exactly one year of being a performer at the Pack to get around to writing this performer bio. YOU’RE WELCOME WORLD.


Nicky Urban

Nicky Urban is a queer actor and comedian from Central Florida with a BA in Theater. She has performed and/or written on over a thousand live comedy shows in Los Angeles at The Pack Theater, UCB, iOWest, and more. In 2011 she co-starred in a film that appeared at Cannes Film Festival to positive reviews. You can see her acting and voiceover work on Tosh.O, AOK, Smosh, Funny or Die, and, and she’s been featured in videos that have received attention from Splitsider, WhoHaHa, Comedy Cake, and more. You can catch Nicky performing sketch comedy monthly at The Pack with Femmebot PhD and The Bacchus.

Fun fact: Nicky is an award winning queefer!